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SecondMic – Unofficial Sports Commentary



SecondMic is a service that lets you listen to an audio feed for unofficial sports commentary during a live game or create a channel where you can offer your own commentary that others can tune in to.

Turn followers into a captive audience

Join the conversation when it really matters: when the game is on. Talk to your fans and followers while they watch a game on TV or at the stadium. Our technology ensures your voice is always in sync with the game they are watching.

How does SecondMic work?

If you are a broadcaster, this is all you have to do: pick a game, create your own broadcasting channel and talk. No external equipment needed. No fees. Simple as that.

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WhatsApp limits message forwarding to 5 people at a time globally

Vikram Bahl



New Delhi: Whatsapp is now going to limit the number of messages being forwarded globally to five chats at a time. The company has already implemented it in India in July last year. Facebook’s company, Whatsapp, has taken this step to curb rumors and fake news from its platform.

Whatsapp wrote on Monday on its blog that this will help the users to focus on personal messages. The company said that we carefully evaluated this test and looked at the reactions received by the users for about six months. Due to the limit for forwarding the message, there will be a curb for sending messages across the world.

Whatsapp said, “Today, from Monday, all users using the latest version will be able to forward a message to only five persons” Whatsapp considers India, Brazil, and Indonesia as their main market. The company said that it will pay constant attention to the responses of the users and over time will adopt new approaches to dealing with the issue of ‘viral’ content.

Whatsapp’s spokesman said that the number of forward messages on WhatsApp decreased by 25 percent during the testing period. The spokesperson said that this is a sufficient number to deliver messages to the closest friends and prevent any misuse.

The company has taken this step at a time when governments and regulators across the world are exploring effective ways to prevent the spread of fake messages from digital platforms. There have been many incidents of the beating of the crowd due to the rumors circulated by WhatsApp in India. After this, in India, WhatsApp faced severe criticism from the government. After the government’s pressure, the company made the limit of messages forwarded to five persons at a time. Also, they have removed the fast forward button too.

In India, the number of people who use the WhatsApp is more than 200 million. Indeed, the Indian government wants to make social media platforms more accountable through the proposed changes in IT rules. The government is asking social media companies to make such systems which can identify and prevent illegal content.

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Is the ’10 Year Challenge’ on Facebook a privacy scheme disguised as a meme?

Siddharth Jain



New Delhi: If you are not active on social media or you do not use such platform, you hardly know about the 10-year challenge. This challenge of Facebook is now becoming quite viral on social media, where people are saying that by adding their 10-year-old photos to today, they are saying, ‘See how we look 10 years ago’. But the way Facebook has been stuck in leakage for the past few months, it seems that this 10-year challenge is also a hoax. Where the users were fooled.

When asked about the 10-year challenge, Facebook said that it has no contribution in it and people have made it viral by themselves, and it is now spreading everywhere. But if facts are discussed, then what exactly does Facebook need for this data? If so, why?

On April 30, 2009, Facebook said that it has 15 billion photos which have been uploaded to the social media platform by its users. But after this 220 million photos were added every week. That is in 2009, the figure was 15 billion. However, now we are in 2019 and we do not know how many photos have been uploaded on this platform so far. But one thing is certain that AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become quite smart now. Today, every company is using facial recognition. Apple’s photo app also performs facial recognition. On the Android phones, Google Photos also matches the App Contact and photos of people. One thing is certain that Facebook is using people’s photos to further strengthen its facial access data recognition.

But why this data needed?

The simplest answer is that Facebook needs this data to strengthen its Facial Recognition Algorithm. In which the person’s facial structure, skin, color, and other things are included. One thing is certain, if you need some good data, then you have to find out in which year the photograph was drawn, then how did you look at that time.

In order to strengthen the Artificial Intelligence of Algorithm, we need a lot of photos where the size of sample photo should be as large as possible. If we ask Google in this matter, then you will know how much effort is required to further strengthen the Google photo algorithm. If you use the iPhone then you will know that people and place sections in the photo app always ask you to add more photos, so that the person can be fully identified.

Technology author Kate O’Neill has questioned this viral challenge and has given birth to a new debate. Writing on his twitter account, she expressed doubt that this challenge is the method of learning for Facebook’s AI mechanism that recognizes faces. After this, the question was raised whether this challenge is not the way to facial data collection.

One thing from this challenge is that it can be a way of stealing your identity in a way.

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BSNL now offers 35GB data per day at up to 24Mbps to broadband subscribers

Vikram Bahl



New Delhi: BSNL has once again proved that it is a telecom company that can give a tough competition to private companies. After, Airtel and Jio’s broadband plan, BSNL, has launched its new plan. Telecom operator is giving 35 GB of data daily through this plan with 24 Mbps speed.

This offer is for both new and old users. It has also been stated in the plan that under the new offers, users will be given 2.18 GB data for new users and 1 GB data for old users. The price of this new plan is Rs 2,295. At the same time, after the data is over, the net speed of users will be 2mbps. This plan is not for the Andaman and Nicobar Island users. There are 24 hours of unlimited local and STD calls available in the plan.

Key Features of Plan

The price of 35 GB plan is Rs 2,295, where users will have to pay just 22,950 rupees for 10 months. After this, users will get two months free subscription. So, there will be a total of 12 months. With the help of this plan, BSNL is trying to compete with Jio’s broadband service.

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