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Top 10 Best Cricket Games For PC [Update 2019]

Sachin Khanna



Cricket is the second most popular game in the world, and so the cricket fans need a way to enjoy this great game. So, we have collected a list of best cricket games for PC which our users can get it for free.

The game brings more love towards the sport. There were many best cricket games from top publishers available online as well as offline. Today the most famous company which makes best cricket games for PC is big ant studios. Their games have high graphics.

Apart from this, most of the cricket fans have a question in their mind that where is Codemasters and EA Sports. Why they are not making games more.

And the answer is that the cricket is popular in northern nations which use crack versions of games. So they don't want to take risks anymore and make the investment.

But the cricket fans need not worry because new companies like Big Ant Studios were arriving and making new games which contain high-quality graphics and gameplay.

The most popular cricket game remains EA Sports Cricket 2007. Because it has high quality and can be patched to give whole new looks to the game. There were many best cricket games, and we have to make a list of top 10 cricket games, and you can find them below.

From the above gameplay video:

You can imagine how good the game is. But I also want to share one thing that it is officially released for Ashes Series 2017 - 18.

Which means it features all licensed players from Australian & England cricket board.

With all its features and quality it's one of the best cricket game for pc without any doubt #1 cricket game in this list.

By playing this game I have real feeling of playing game.

This is the latest cricket game for PC available, and it's also one of the best cricket game. This game is confirmed and will be released after the company has tremendous success in their previous version of the game.

Update: DBC 17 has been officially released for PC you can download or buy it from the stream. But before buying this read a review of Don Bradman Cricket 17.

don bradman cricket 17

This game brought cricket gaming to a new point and was released on 11 April 2014. This game contains HD textures and great gameplay. It has over 5000 players. Evey cricket fan wants to have this game.


World Cricket Championship 2

You may be wondering:

Why I put World Cricket Championship 2 on this list. But as you may know it is available for Window 8 or higher.

So, this game deserves to be here at #3 position.

I can say I have more fun while playing this game on PC rather than Android. So, I would personally recommend you to have this game.

But if you are not using Windows 8+ then you can't play it on it's previous. But don't panic. We have full guide to play World Cricket Championship 2 for PC.

Our review of WCC 2 is also appreciated by CricketBuddies.


International Cricket Captain 2013

international cricket captian 2013 download

This game was released on 29 June 2013 by the childish thing and was also a popular one. It has new players with original statics. This game is the sequel to their previous versions and has no bugs. Their 2013 version of a game is considered as best cricket games for PC in the childish game series.


Ashes Cricket 2009

This is the best cricket game and was released in August 2009. This game consists so many new features.

It is so good that their newer version also contains some bugs and unlikely to surpass their 2009 version.

This game provides commentary from great cricket players like Shane Warne and Ian Bishop. It is available for PC, Xbox, and PS.


Brain Lara Cricket 2007

brain lara cricket 2007

This gaming studio released many cricket games for PC. This game was released on March 23, 2007, and was developed by Codemasters. This game was made public during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 which also provides the boost to the game.

This game is a sequel to Brian Lara Cricket 2005 and has many new improvements in its graphics and gameplay.

This game was released with different names as Ricky Ponting Cricket 2007 in Australia and New Zealand and as Yuvraj Singh Cricket 2007 in India and Sri Lanka.

BLC 2007 is available for Xbox, PS2, and PC it is considered one of the best cricket games for PC.


EA Sports Cricket 2007

ea sports cricket 2007

EA Sports Cricket 2007 was released on November 24, 2006, by Electronic Arts, one of the best game making companies in the world.

This game is considered as one of the best cricket game for PC. To be honest, I am a great fan of this game, and I play only this game on my PC. This game has had stadiums, kits, overlays, etc.

This game is also licensed by the team boards. You can play 5, 10, 20, 50, 4 Day, 5 Day matches in this game. You can spin, swing and seam the ball.​


EA Sports Cricket 05

ea sports cricket 2005

This game was developed by HB Studios and was published by EA Sports on 1 July 2005.

This game is released with cover art of Adam Gilchrist in the Australia.

​This cricket game is one of the most popular cricket game in those years.


EA Sports Cricket 2004

This game was released on 12 March 2004 and was developed by HB Studios and was published by EA Sports.

These were the best cricket games at the time of release. And was released by EA Sports.

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EA Sports Cricket 2019 PC Game Download

Sachin Khanna



The games are the best source of entertainment. If you want to make lots of fun in free time then you can enjoy the EA Sports Cricket 2019 on PC.

The game is based on the concept of the cricket. The players are able to access the cricket teams from different nations.

The game is designed by adding different types of modes and some specific settings. You can get information about all things from upcoming paragraphs.

Please Note: You can Download Cricket 19 EA Sports for Android as of now.

How to play?

In the beginning, the players need to create an account in the game. For it, the players are required to click on “create a profile” button.

When you create it successfully after that you can access it by visiting the “My Cricket” option. With it, the players are able to change the following settings –

  • The level of difficulty can be adjusted
  • The players can make matches of 50, 20 & 10 overs
  • Selection of the type of fielding such as – fully or semi-auto fielding

The way of playing the matches is completely based on these adjustments. The selection of fielding type is highly affecting the way of playing the game.

Game Modes

After fixing all adjustments or start playing the game, you can see some options. These options are related to playing modes or types of matches such as –

  • Quick game
  • Tournament
  • Test match

In all types of matches, the players can get a different kind of entertainment level. You should choose the playing mode as per the time available.

The quick matches get completed in short time period and available with the option of fewer overs. The tournament is based on the one-day matches.

This game has been released, Download now

Installation Video:

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How To Play Don Bradman Cricket 14 With Keyboard (10 Step Guide)

Sachin Khanna



The method that Works without VJoy

Are you trying to play Don Bradman cricket 14 on pc with keyboard or don’t have gameplay controller? But want to play it via classic controls. Then don’t worry! In this post, I’ll show you the exact method which I’ve used to play DBC 14 with controls.

Note: You can also play Don Bradman cricket 17 with this method.

Don Bradman Cricket 14 is a new multi-platform cricket game which provided a significant boost to its company after they released that game.  Unlike cricket games like EA Cricket 2007 or Ashes Cricket 2009, it requires a gameplay controller for playing.

play-don-bradman-cricket-14-keyboard But being the fan of standard keyboard controls, it’s tough for someone like me to play with a controller. Rather than this, I should prefer to play Don Bradman Cricket 14 with keyboard. So, to solve this problem, we do some research and finds that you can play DBC 14 with your keyboard.

Note: This trick worked for me. But I don’t know it will work for you or not. Because it will depend on your PC and its hardware.
So, let’s begin with the main point. Read this guide carefully unless you’ll find it difficulties. Follow some simple points below in order to play Don Bradman Cricket 14 using your keyboard controls:

    1. Firstly, you need x360ce and VJoy to map your keyboard to your game. You can download these from the following links.[sociallocker id=”539″]DBC Keyboard Controls[/sociallocker]
    2. This two software comes in an Archive, and you need to extract them. You can use WinRAR or 7Zip for this purpose.
    3. Now extract VJoy & x360ce from that archive and run ‘VJoySetup.exe.’
    4. After that copy, all the files present in ‘x360ce_Don Bradman Cricket 14’ and paste in your game’s root folder or where you have installed your game.
    5. Now you should run VJoy & then you need to click on the “Open INI“ icon. Select or click on  “cricket14.ini” from that VJoy folder where you have extracted VJoy. Now, you just need to click on “Enable“.
    6. Open your DBC17 Installation folder & select the “XinputTest.exe“. It must show the status it as Connected.
    7. After that minimize “XinputTest.exe“ app. Don’t close it because if you do that, then you’ll not be able to use this game with your keyboard.
    8. Open the “x360ce.exe” app from the folder and then minimize the window and then you can start playing your game.
    9. But if it’s showing as Not connected in the XInput Test then, You should follow the following step.
    10. Now, go to your C: WindowsSystem32 folder & you need to copy “dinput8.dll” from that folder. After that paste it in your game’s root directory, where you’ve installed x360. Replace the file with the copied file from that Windows folder.

Note: If you still face any error then you can post it in the comments. But if it still doesn’t work that means your PC is not able to handle that. Then the possible way to play DBC is, you need to buy a new controller.

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