10 Best XBox One Games in 2019

We’ve had some great games everywhere this year but let’s take a look at the Microsoft side of the woods. Hello every today, in this article we will list 10 best xbox one games in 2019.

Let’s get started:

#10) Dead Cells

And it should come as no surprise we’ve been talking about this game plenty recently it’s a roguelike that kind of plays out like a Metroidvania in some ways but is actually pretty traditional and structure if not for the fact that when you die you go back to the beginning of the game and everything regenerates itself the game is separated into kind of levels but you can’t memorize those levels there’s no world map to memorize and the game is smooth as hell in a lot of ways the game has been looked at as kind of a Souls like roguelike Metroidvania like platforming action game and that’s all pretty much right it’s such a layered interesting experience that it’s just a 2d action game and I love it.

#9) Monster Hunter World

We’ve talked a lot about this year as well at this point the reason why you should play this game is that it manages to be sort of a culmination of pretty much everything that is Monster Hunter it doesn’t get too far from the formula but it does bring in more Western-friendly elements that don’t impede but rather actually kind of enhance the formula I really like Monster Hunter World and it’s obviously the best-looking of all of them and I also like that it’s a fully open-world game instead of a zoned up game like the previous monster hunters in Monster Hunter just all-around fun.

#8) Sea of Thieves

A game that did get a lot of criticism and I’m gonna go ahead and say I pretty much have to acknowledge that because if we’re gonna put that here it’s got to be acknowledged that this game doesn’t have enough content or didn’t have enough content I do think that if this game is supportive over the course of a few years it’s really gonna be good but to talk about why it’s in this list sea of thieves is really just a great social pirate game I don’t think enough people have described it is that and if you do describe it as that if your expectations are a social pirate game it’s actually amazing if you get some friends together and do some pirating you can either role-player just talk about your lives what you’re doing it I don’t care it’s better than a video call for the most part it’s also very pretty and although it can be a little repetitive like I said if they support it over a number of years I think its gonna actually be really amazing.

#7) Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

I’ve said a few times elsewhere Assassin’s Creed Odyssey benefits from being developed side-by-side with origins it retains all of the stuff that made origins probably the best Assassin’s Creed game and although it’s maybe a little bit less good that origins it’s still way up there in quality now we probably won’t get an assassin’s Creed game next year which is fine with me they abandoned the yearly plan the only reason this one came out a year after is because they developed it side by side and I think really the reason this is such a great game is that it takes all the advances from origins and plops you in a beautiful big new world that I think is among the best if not the best in the series number six is far cry 5 which is also among the best of the series it’s such a unique story to Far Cry it sort of combines some of the scarier elements of American culture and history a lot of people try to place it more recently politically speaking but I think it’s much more historical there’s satirical elements that touch on a lot of like the last 50 years worth of sort of scarier American events but even if you don’t know the history it’s still a great game cuz the world is so well fleshed out and to me that’s really what kept me coming back although the gameplay itself it’s far cry it’s not gonna like shock you or anything that doesn’t mean it’s not a really well refined gameplay system at this point it absolutely is but I think it shines because there’s so much content to it.

#5) Black OPS 4

I’ve said it elsewhere as far as multiplayer goes this is probably the best Call of Duty game it really benefits from the fact that there is focus on the multiplayer it does have a detriment in that there is not a single-player campaign and I actually like the black ops single-player campaigns I know people always say like Cod campaigns are kind of simplistic and maybe not the best productions of all time I don’t know I really liked black ops 3 s campaign I enjoyed it maybe it wasn’t high art or any but I liked it I hope that they you know give us more single-player in the future but as far as multiplayer goes black ops 4 is probably some of the slickest nicest playing multiplayer in the series it’s not devoid of problems it has problems but pretty much every triple-a game has problems now in the form of microtransactions I mean it kind of sucks that they snuck them in after people were playing the game for a little while but you know whatever it’s still a great game number four is hitman two I can’t really talk about this game without mentioning the episodic game when that was announced a lot of people were really suspicious and then it happened and the episodes were all brilliant they’re really detailed really well thought out gave you a lot of freedom and work a lot of fun even if you didn’t play them right and didn’t accomplish what you were supposed to hitman 2 is more of the ED except for bigger better and more humorous as well not as if the first was devoid of humor but hitman 2 really does a good job of integrating humor into the gameplay too it’s just a phenomenal game I love hitman 2 I love the new hitman games for a series that has had a bit of a storied past hearing there rebooting it again it was a little nerve-wracking but it’s two games in now and we’re still this good and if it’s not maintaining its getting better which is exactly what I want number three is ashen a Souls like game which manages to take the deep dark existential dread of Dark Souls a bit out of the equation maybe not entirely but it’s a bit more social a bit more friendly there’s people to talk to there’s kind of a nicer prettier world but that doesn’t mean it’s not an existential dread story it is there is a threat to everything in very similar way to Dark Souls as a matter of fact but the art style and the world definitely make you feel a little bit better as you’re attempting to stop it it is a hard game is it as hard as Dark Souls probably not but it’s challenging and it’s a very good example of the kind of fighting that’s present in those games it’s one of those games where I’m comfortable calling it in the top rung of games for Xbox one for the year just because you feel the love put into this game immediate it is just a passion project and that’s just something that makes me very happy whenever I see it number two is forts a horizon four out of the two forts a series my preference is definitely horizon it’s really just a beautiful game that has dynamic seasons shows just a ton of jaw-dropping scenery all around.