Blair’s Attitude Problem

Earlier this morning, thanks to Damian Thompson, I discovered that Tony Blair has recently given an interview to the magazine, Attitude. Aside from the puerile play-on-words I couldn’t resist slipping into the title, the first thing that came to mind was our former Prime Minister stripping off for a gay “mag” – not a pleasant thought, I can promise you.

Sadly, the reality of that interview is not so easy to dismiss as silly.

In it, Tony Blair made it clear to the world that he thought the Holy Father should amend Church teaching on homosexuality (as if he could!). Our former Prime Minister, however, is not someone who struggles with the teaching on the area because he personally thinks it unjust – he and his, I’m sorry to say, abominable and revolting wife openly and proudly dissent on a variety of issues from contraception to abortion.

Damian clearly points out the irony of a pro-abortionist giving moral lectures to the Roman Pontiff.

“I believe all the truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches, because they have been revealed by God, Who canst neither deceive nor be deceived.”

I daresay Tony Blair would have made such a commitment either implicitly or explicitly. Let us hope and pray the day comes when he takes it seriously.