Bitcoin Exchanges – Know Before You Start

Bitcoin is the original and the first of its kind and there are thousands of others. It is also the biggest one as well. So, there are certain factors that we must need to Consider when Exchanging Bitcoin. Visit this link.

If keep looking, you will find a lot of crypto exchanges. It is a time when there are overwhelming choices. Those days are gone when we used to have one or limited options. This is confusing for both the pro and the newbies as both of them are always wondering whether they have chosen the best exchange or not. 

There is a Software called Bitcoin Era which traders can use for automatic Trading and can do manually Trading, which is also the Legitimate Robot of Trading.

Understanding the importance of Bitcoin Exchange

Many of us often hear this question, what is the best crypto exchange in the market. However, what would be the right crypto exchange for someone is the perfect question to ask. As we all prioritize different aspects, it makes our choices different as well.

So, the moral of the story is that these Exchange picks are in no particular order.

How Bitcoin exchange works

With Cryptocurrencies, you can create your Blockchain, Distributed ledger of assets that represent the value created in that Blockchain, a Bitcoin. Coinbase allows you to Trade Ether for Bitcoin but how these Cryptocurrencies work is that their won Blockchains back them.

So basically, if someone owns Bitcoin, they only own it on the Bitcoin Blockchain. However, if they own Ether or Ethereum, they only won it on Ethereum Blockchain. If you have Bitcoin funds, they are held in a Bitcoin Wallet or Bitcoin account. On the other hand, if you own Ethereum, they are held in an Ethereum Wallet.

Let’s see some of the factors to consider when exchanging Bitcoin

  • Liquidity 

Liquidity is all about the Trading activities in any particular Exchange. It is all about liquid assets in any particular market, so you need to consider the volume of cash or liquid assets in any particular Exchange for you to be able to trade under Exchange. So, this enables you to carry out a successful transaction as fast as possible.

So, it would be best to consider the Liquidity of any Exchange you are going into before you Trade on that Exchange. 

When you trade on a Bitcoin, you discover that when you want to swap a particular coin, they will tell the message that it is Insufficient Liquidity and stuff like that. So, you must have not done the required things; that is why you encountered such problems. So, you have to Exchange on another trade that has a high volume.

If someone wants to check this, they can go and look for it on the Coin market cap, search for the particular coin you want to trade, and check out the liquid assets and the volume of the assets in that particular coin. 

  • Security

If you are Trading before you know what is going on, they will tell you that Exchange has been hacked, so it is essential to make sure you are using an Exchange with security.

  • Fees

This is a significant factor in Bitcoin Exchange, so you do not have to go into any Exchange for Trading’s sake. No! No need to do that. You need to check out which Exchange has your interest at heart, not the one you make money or use the whole money to pay the fees; it does not make any sense.

  • User Friendliness

What do we understand by user experience or user friendliness? Check out the Bitcoin Exchanges that best suit you as a Trader. You need to check out the Exchange, which has a good interface that will enable you to trade without worries.

  • Customer Support

Customer support plays a vital role in Bitcoin exchange because when you experience problems or any challenge on any of these Exchanges. How big do they respond to your request, queries, or open orders to attend to you? Do they have live support or live chat? Do they respond quicker on their emails or their support desks?

So, keep a check of all the mentioned things before deciding which Exchange to trade on.


So, whenever you choose Bitcoin Exchange, the factors you must need to consider are Liquidity, Security, Good user interface, good Customer support, etc.

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