Free Competitions- Conditions Of Participation

Winning a competition is not easy as it seems; you have to perform several tasks that score you high chances of winning. But here, in free competitions hosted by UK deals and giveaways, you don’t have to do a tad bit of any useless task. The complete process of entering the competition and winning the prize is done in two steps only. However, there are certain conditions you need to follow for being able to win the prizes. Read more to find out.

Terms and conditions of free competitions

When free competitions are hosted, they come with several terms and conditions you must satisfy for being able to win the prizes. These are very much similar for all brands. Read the conditions given next.

  • The competitions are open to UK residents only, where anybody under 18 and related to the company cannot participate.
  • The entries are open for a certain period and must be submitted online only. Any technical issues, multiple entries from the same account, late entries, and incomplete entries will be disqualified from the contest.
  • The winners are selected based on a random draw and are contacted to confirm their details. However, if they fail to respond, an alternate winner is chosen.
  • The brand reserves all the final rights about the competition and circumstances that lead to its termination.
  • Participants who enter the contest will get promotional messages from the brand, and their information could be used for publicity on social media. However, they can opt-out anytime.
  • The winner must comply with the rules and share valid contact and delivery details for receiving the prize. He/she can not transfer the prize or negotiate it by any means.
  • The delivery is mainly restricted to the UK only, and only certain brands offer worldwide delivery in some cases only.
  • After sending the prize, the company will confirm its reception by the winner. And the winner details such as name and picture could be used for promotional purposes.


  1. Are free competitions legal?

Yes, the free competitions at UK deals and giveaways are legal and trustworthy. These are hosted by the respective brands on their own accord with full validation and responsibilities. If you read the terms and conditions of the competition, you will see that it mentions all rights reserved to the organizing party, which is the brand itself. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the credibility of these competitions you just participate in them to win!

  1. Do we need to purchase for entering free competitions?

No, as the name says, these are free competitions where you don’t need to do anything for winning. These competitions are direct from the hosting brands, and you can find them in the competition section of UK deals and giveaways. When you enter a competition, it directs you to a page where you have to answer a question and confirm your entry through it. It requires you to fill in the contact details, in case you win the prize. The whole process ends here without any additional tasks.

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