What is a good beginner skateboard?

We have a large assortment of ready-to-ride skateboards that are perfect for beginners and include everything your child needs to get going. Complete skateboards start at £60 and are available in some sizes. To make things easier for you, we’ve categorized them according to the age groups they’re best suited for. Choose your age group from the list below, and any complete skateboard in that category will be a great place to start. This implies all of that left to do is choose the graphic you like most. Chinasaleonline is an amazing market to buy a skateboard.


These are the greatest all-around skateboards for kids aged 4 to 7. You’ll see figures like 7.5 in the product description. The length of the deck or plank in inches is indicated by this number. Because they are 7.5″ broad or smaller and a bit shorter than that of the board in the age category above, the completes you see below have been chosen for your 4-7-year-old. As a result, these are ideal starting skateboards for a small child, as they are made to be easier to maneuver. Because they feature soft wheels, they are also great for little children to learn to roll. For the extremely young, some even feature rubber tops to eliminate the need for grip tape. Since we launched, we’ve been hand-picking the greatest kids’ skateboards for you, and it all starts here.


When your kid is 8-12 years old and wants to start skating, they will need a board that fits their size. All of the finalizes in this category that we have chosen for you will operate nicely. These skateboard decks have been chosen to be the best companion for your children as they embark on their educational adventures. They’re a little longer and cover a wider range of widths than the finalizes we sell for younger novices. They are, however, smaller than the full-sized completes in the category above, making them ideal for youngsters of this age group who are learning to skateboard. Some complete feature soft wheels that are ideal for cruising about at first, while others have firm wheels that are more suited for learning tricks.


Teenagers alike will have no trouble getting started with a full skateboard from this category. These skateboards are full-size to fit a larger person learning to skateboard from the age of 13. All of these ready-to-ride completes are suitable for learning techniques at the skateboard park or on the street. The boards in this category are all 8″ broad or larger, and are designed for an older audience. Every week, youngsters begin skating with a complete set of skates purchased from here, and many adults fall in love with the sport as well. It’s never too late to learn, no matter how old you are; simply choose aboard and have fun begins.

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