Best Forex Trading Platform

Forex or Foreign Exchange trading has always been in buzz, being a highly volatile trading space with chances of high profits.  Although high volatility means a high risk of losing money as well, the chances of profit are what attracts millions of people towards it.

Well, now that a large amount of transactions is being traded, there is indeed a need to choose a reliable platform. A platform that not only safely handles our hard-earned money but is also optimized well for instant actions, preserves our data and has reliable tools as well. 

But, finding such a reliable platform these days is not as easy as it seems. Several platforms with similar features, offerings, and most importantly similar claims from the owners create immense confusion making it nothing less than a challenge to choose the best options. 

Thus, our team of trading experts has shortlisted the top most trusted and Best Forex trading platforms and ranked them based on their offerings. You should surely pay attention to those 5 platforms whether you are a beginner or a pro trader in Forex. So, Let’s dive in!


If you are a beginner trying to explore the Forex market with your theoretical knowledge, is probably the best option you should look out for. It has ample account options and is highly feature-rich to support beginners and intermediate traders in the best way possible.

Established in 2008, is also the most trusted platform with a good reputation for delivering efficient performance accompanied by incredible optimization in every feature. Besides, it comes equipped with all kinds of informative trader education tools followed by the tools that help in forecasting the upcoming trend. is also renowned for commission-free trades although it provides excellent customer care support and a skilled trading team.


When it is about Forex trading, choosing an old and renowned platform is probably the safest choice. Although they need to be feature-rich and well-optimized, we can trust such platforms with our money. One such safe platform is But, it is also feature-rich besides being in the market for 2 decades now. 

Established in 2001, contains 80 currency pairs to choose from. The minimum deposit in this platform is quite reasonable and it comes with 30 days demo account to allow the users to test and run the software before directly hoping into a forex trade.

  1. IG Group

The Forex trading platform with low commission fees is the most preferable these days. But, what if such a compelling platform offers all the feature-rich options that traders need to earn profits? IG Group is one such advanced web-trading platform that supports the limited budget of beginners.

On top of this, IG Group is also a safe platform regulated by FCA in the UK and is globally popular in over 16,000 markets with low spreads. Additionally, the most intuitive interface of the platform supports easy to explore for beginners, thus making it a complete forex trading platform in 2021.

  1.  Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers gets enlisted in this top forex trading platform due to the diverse offering of investments. So, all types of traders can use it with all the required tools for proper forecasting, Besides, it is well optimized for instant usage of buying and selling options.

The research tools available in Interactive Brokers are superior to many other platforms that charge a whopping amount as commissions. So, even high-volume traders can also use it without any kind of inconvenience.

  1. XM Group

XM Group is one of the most popular Forex Trading brokers, mainly to the forex veteran who is beginning with understanding the market. It has many international awards being one of the most trusted and preferable platforms out there.

Novice traders can make the best use of this platform with a user-friendly interface and client bonuses that means a lot in the initial phases of trader. On the other hand, it is feature-rich with all kinds of tools accompanied by multiple resources to help forecast the upcoming trend.

All of these Forex trading platforms are worth checking out but based on your strategy and your way of trading you can easily choose the best forex trading platform from it. All of them are safe and reliable platforms that can surely be your companion as a trader. 

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