Five things you probably didn’t know about the Pokémon universe

The Pokémon franchise was launched more than ten years ago, and since then it has managed to capture a massive following in Japan and the rest of the world. In recognition of its popularity, we have gathered five interesting factoids about the series.

Feel free to drop these in conversation at your next cocktail party, they will be sure to impress the uninitiated.

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  • The animated TV show first aired in Japan as Pocket Monsters on April 1, 1997, making it more than a decade old.
  • In the United States, Pokémon is the fifth longest-running animated TV show, however it has more episodes than any other animated television program, including The Simpsons. There are also 8 Pokémon feature films.
  • There are currently 493 distinct species of Pokémon.
  • Within certain species, Pokémon now feature varying levels of sexual dimorphism, including aspects such as differently sized or absent distinctive physical features. For example, a female Wooper has smaller antennae than its male counterpart and a male Scizor has a smaller abdomen than its female counterpart.
  • So far, there have been 13 core games in the series, and more than 31 total games, including spinoffs and different color permutations. The only colors remaining for future titles are: orange, white/black, purple, and brown. These color combinations do not sound very appealing, however a number of precious elements remain unused: Topaz, opal, platinum and zirconium are obvious possibilities.
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