How playing too many video games will affect the gamer?

Know that the games and applications made for android are quite known these days and users are always searching for the newest and popular mobile games for their android phones like GTA 5 mobile. You will need to use a bunch of android applications on your phone if you want to understand today’s powerful and energizing world of games and applications. 

The gaming industry has become the strongest economic source in today’s era. Gamers from all over the world have always been so involved in gaming that the video game’s authority had to invent a few other versions that are suitable to gamers other devices like mobile, tab, etc. 

These days video games are not only being played via play stations. You can even use your phone to play so many popular video games like GTA 5 android. However, there are some concerns when it comes to playing video games. Plenty of parents along with others have stated the fact that playing video games on mobile or pc sometimes makes the younger people addicted. 

It can even do serious damage if not being taken care of at the right time. In this article, we will talk about some negative effects of playing video games or mobile games.

Behavioral damage

If your children spend hours playing mobile games or video games may behave violently, become introvert, lose interest in their surroundings, etc. All these can make changes in someone’s personality and your children’s personality development can get stopped in this process. This might happen because the person tends not to like to talk or want to socialize with other people.

Poor academic performance 

You may think that video game is just a hobby to you so even if you spend too much time on it, what’s wrong with that? Well, it will deprive your learning ability slowly and as you don’t play outdoor games anymore, it will also make you lose interest in doing other things. Know that a video game addict will always think about gaming and how he or she will skip other things so that they can spend more time on gaming. 

Weight gaining

By having too much screen time you will become lazier and it will make you gain weight. You will forget to eat, drink water, and most of the time you will stay in one place for hours while staring at the screen of your mobile or computer. 

The addiction can slow down brain growth

Yes, some video games are there that can help in brain development by producing the capacity of critical thinking. On the other hand, if you play those same games for too many hours per day, it will be bad for you and your brain function will become slower.

Eyesight can get affected

These days many younger children wear spectacles. It’s not like every person who is involved in video games will get weak eyesight, but obviously getting too much screen time from a close distance can badly affect a person’s eyes. 

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