Advantages of Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Ductless mini split heat pump systems are extremely energy efficient and cost-effective way of heating and cooling indoor spaces. These benefits make ductless mini split heat pump systems a worthwhile investment for any home. A mini split heat pump is installed inside the attic or crawl space of your house, depending on your location. The pump is then connected to a condensing gas or oil, which can be stored in a tank. Mini split heat pump systems do not involve duct work because the pumps and condensate share the air space, thus eliminating the need for duct work.

You can use a mini split heat pump in two primary ways: to warm indoor spaces and to cool indoor spaces. Your primary use of a this type of heating unit will depend on whether you choose a central or portable system. A central unit is generally more effective at heating larger rooms. Portable units are designed to be used in smaller areas. The size of the unit will depend on the needs of your home.

One of the benefits of installing a ductless mini splits heat pump is that it uses energy efficiently. They are almost silent when operating, and they utilize much less electrical power than regular air conditioning systems. An excellent benefit is that these units require little to no maintenance once installed. Because they are self-cleaning, you will not have to regularly maintain them like you would with regular air conditioning systems. When you consider that they are quieter than regular air conditioning units, this feature is an exceptional addition.

While a ductless mini splits heat pump costs slightly more than a standard air conditioning system, it offers a number of important advantages that make the investment well worth the cost. These units provide better overall efficiency, are much quieter, and require little to no upkeep once installed. Their energy efficiency makes them the perfect option for homes with limited space. A central air conditioning system with one room requiring cooling may require up to three outlets for each location.

Many families spend a lot of money keeping their homes comfortable during the summer months. Families with pets and children who enjoy swimming will need more cooling in the summertime than most homeowners realize. Installing a ductless system reduces the amount of electricity that is used by as much as fifty percent, which can significantly lower a family’s electricity bill. The installation of this type of heat pump also saves money because there is no duct work necessary. Many homeowners who have installed these systems have reported significant savings on their heating bills.

When comparing the sound level of various ductless units, be sure to compare decibels. Decibel levels are measured in decibels. Units with higher decibels produce wind-borne noise. The sound level of some fans may not be greater than twenty decibels; however, the sound produced by the central air conditioners in many homes are around forty decibels or higher. The difference in noise output is the main reason why these units are so popular.

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