Smoking is a therapeutic activity. People from all walks of life eventually engage in this recreational activity, and while too much can be bad for one, it is encouraged to go into it to kick back a while. Some people roll blunts, some people use dab rigs, and some use equipment called “bongs” to smoke. What are these? This equipment is basically used for filtration and is used to smoke dry flowers and herbs, and sometimes, tobacco. What does one look like? How is one of these used? Read on to find out the answers to these

How bongs look like

These are usually made of glass, a fact for many reasons. Glass offers a smooth surface for being held, it is easily cleaned, and it is compact, hard for bacteria to live in cavities in it. It has a long neck, connected to the base, where it holds water. It has a bowl connected to the base, where the substance being smoked is heated with a lighter. The bowl is connected to the base by a (usually) downwards-diagonal cylindrical tube typically called the downstem. When the flowers are heated, the smoke passes through the downstem and into the water where it is filtered and cooled, and then is inhaled through the main neck and smoked. Bongs are usually expertly made in industries and can also be homemade, with the right materials.

Advantages and disadvantages of using bongs

One reason these are very mainstream is due to their “user-friendliness”. A bong is very easy to use, and anyone can handle it expertly just after the first use. They can also be used creatively; if ice is added to the water being used for filtration, the smoke would be pleasantly cold. Bigger water pipes also provide better hits; the percolators ensure that you can preserve the flavor and potency of the smoke even though it has a very long neck. Bongs also make sure that you get a higher hit than you would get from a joint. You would also get smoke that has been cooled.

There is only one drawback to using these. While they are being used to filter the smoke and cool it, it is very possible for the device to filter out some psychoactive compounds like THC in the substance being smoked. In simpler words, it might filter out some of the potency of the drug. As such, one has to use more of the drug than normal to reach the desired state of high.

How to use one

Using one of these is easy. One just has to follow the following steps

  • Pour some water into the base. Make it normal or iced, depending on what type of smoke you want
  • Grind your drug into powdered pieces
  • Put your desired (and appropriate) drug into the bowl
  • Put your mouth on the mouthpiece 
  • Add some heat to the bowl with a lighter
  • Inhale and enjoy your smoke. It has to be mentioned that one should not over-inhale on the device so that one does not start coughing. The best way to start it out is to take it slow and then ease into it.

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