‘Death Note’ Season 2 | Released Date| Trailer| Cast and Much More

Despite heavy demand for improvement, the highly famous ‘Death Note’ manga series remained dead for almost fourteen years. The last volume of the manga that was published in July 2006, enclosed up the plot of the series by finishing the lead character Light Yagami storyline. Hence, fans were not sure if the manga artists will note a sequel or not. In January 2020, the news broke out that the ‘Death Note’ manga series will ultimately return after all these years. Netflix has also published movies about the theme. Though the movies did great business, creators have reviewed these as failures. 

Death Note’ Season 2: Released Date  

The manga series has 108 segments and is published in 12 varieties. Since 3 October 2006, rapid Japanese activity has quickly changed. People, though, are still strange. That is why we all wish the creators will back with ‘Death Note’ Season 2, possibly with minor plot adaptation. It’s no shock that the plot was excellent. There is, however, hope that ‘Death Note’ Season 2 will be declared shortly, as another episode of the manga series is expected to be published. That is where the second part’s plot will be spread by the developer. For now, no proper statement has been made about the show’s second season. It is also noted that the COVID 19 pandemic is also detaining the announcement.  

What will be the cast for ‘Death Note’ Season 2?  

Prakash Yagami is in the lead role. In counting, we have Detective El Loliet, Ryuk, Misa Emane, Nat River, and Teru Mikami. There is no proper statement on the cast for the second season. 

The Plot of ‘Death Note’ Season 2

The ‘Death Note’ season 1 plot consider around the life of Light Yagami, a young boy who get a magical book named as ‘The Book of Death’ from a shinigami named Ryuk. 

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