Different Reasons to Do Asbestos Surveys

A thorough inspection of the place will normally take the form of an asbestos survey conducted by professionals. The survey must provide enough data for a legal risk assessment, asbestos management plan, and register. The survey will help in identifying the type and quantity of asbestos present in the place. It also helps in determining the presence and extent of asbestos-related diseases in the employees of a place. Therefore, before initiating an asbestos survey, you must prepare a written report that is as comprehensible as possible.

Asbestos survey are conducted to identify the presence and quantity of asbestos in place. These surveys are useful in determining the risks of causing lung diseases. The main objective of such surveys is to mitigate the health hazards caused due to exposure to asbestos fibers. Generally, companies conduct surveys to find out the amount of asbestos in place and the location where the highest concentration of fibers can be detected. For instance, asbestos Surveys Australia estimates that approximately 12.5 billion fibers are released into the environment by people working in buildings with asbestos roofing.

Before initiating an asbestos survey, your company must prepare a written project listing specifying the purpose of the remodeling or renovation including whether it is to replace or repair asbestos-laden materials. The list must also include all the materials, activities, and equipment required in the renovation project. The project requirements must also state whether all the materials used in the remodeling or renovation process are asbestos-free. 

A sample of asbestos fibers from the air, ground, and other surfaces in the vicinity of the renovation or remodeling job must be collected along with any material containing asbestos. This sample is then collected along with any existing samples that are being tested. Samples from the soil should also be collected along with any existing samples that are being tested.

Sampling and labeling materials used in asbestos surveys are designed to specifically separate asbestos from materials that do not contain asbestos. To determine the concentration of asbestos present in a substance, a sensitive laboratory is used. This laboratory can analyze the sample, evaluate the sample’s sensitivity to asbestos and determine if the materials are positive for asbestos by using specific laboratory test procedures.

A sensitive asbestos survey is completed after the completion of an asbestos survey to determine if there are high levels of asbestos present in the environment. The sensitivity of the test procedures depends on the type of asbestos used in the construction or renovation work and the volume of materials being sampled. 

The completed asbestos survey shall document the presence, quantity, and location of any asbestos debris in the environment. In addition to samples, the completed survey shall also contain a register that contains information regarding the types of materials removed or disposed of and a summary of the asbestos removal procedure completed.

As part of its duties, an accredited asbestos surveying contractor will conduct site surveys at all worksites to determine whether there are high levels of asbestos in the air or water and whether any construction materials, including insulation board, are contaminated with asbestos. 

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