Learn The Basics Of Shoulder Holster

Carrying, concealing, and combat with a gun are dangerous tasks one mistake can take a life. Thus, for proper prevention and management, a shoulder holster has been designed to keep your firearm in an easy, safe, and accessible position. Some people might take it as a style and show off to carry a shoulder holster, but in reality, it is much more regarding the safety of anyone who carries a gun.

Shoulder Holster

It is a firearm carrying case that holds your gun in a comfortable position around your arm, with harnesses across your shoulders. There are small pockets designed in the armpit area of the shoulder belt, which can keep your spare magazines and even conceal them perfectly. This kind of style can be seen with cops and civilians due to its easy functionality. With vast popularity, these shoulder holsters are also available in various materials, ranging from leather to Nylon and unique designs. 

Benefits of using a Shoulder Holster

shoulder holster is a functional yet stylish pick for a shooter. For someone who has to sit all day, keep hands busy working throughout, these holsters can be the most comfortable choice. Given here are some more benefits of using a shoulder holster.

  • High durability: These holsters are very good at holding their shape and keeping them fit for a long time. They give your shoulders a balanced weight on both sides and do not cause neck problems.
  • Concealed fit: For a hidden weapon, these holsters are highly appreciated, since the gun is easily hidden in the armpit and can be covered, with a jacket for complete disguise. It can also hold a knife or small weapon easily. 
  • Easy gun access: It is very easy to take out the gun from a shoulder holster as the gun is right between the armpits, the response is really quick, and the range of movement is very small.
  • Comfortable while working: While sitting, driving, and even working with no hands-free, it is easy to keep a gun close to the body in this position. It causes no pain or hassle in your movements.
  • Extra pockets: It is the best-concealed portion, that you can keep your small spare weapons, such as a knife or lighter, along with the gun in the small pockets given. 


  • Are shoulder holsters suitable for concealed carry? 

Yes, shoulder holsters are a very good fit for concealed carry. Here, the gun is held under an arm and is easily hidden from the enemy with just a coat over it. Also, in the straps along the side, there is sufficient space for some spare magazines, which is very easy to access and helpful during an attack. 

  • Can we use shoulder holsters for military purposes?

Today’s soldiers wear protective vests and armor plates, which have an upgraded and accustomed version of shoulder holsters. These holsters are directly mounted onto these vests, which makes the firearm position to be less awkward, and more feasible with quick reach. You can choose from many models of shoulder carry at your convenience. 

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