Five Herbs that can Improve Your Everyday Life and Mental Wellness

Everyday life has its own challenges. It brings along lots of stress, negatively affecting your mental health. Not to mention, many people are unable to sleep at night because of their hectic routines and work pressure. 

If that’s the case with you, you must start taking adequate measures before this pattern takes a toll on your life and especially your mental health. Improving your diet and incorporating a few herbs and plants to it may help. 

They say you are what you eat, so let’s move towards an organic lifestyle with the help of these amazing herbs and plants: 


Let’s start with my favorite herb, chamomile. It’s a term used for daisy-like plants of the Asteraceae family. It is used to treat a wide range of health issues. It can improve your sleep quality and relieve stress naturally. 

Furthermore, it can help you control your blood sugar levels while improving your cardiac health. It is also pretty effective for digestion. Simply have a cup of chamomile tea after a buffet and you’ll feel instantly light as if you haven’t stepped the line at all.


Ranking second is turmeric. It’s a flowering plant from the ginger family. It is one of the best herbs out there and you must add it to your everyday diet. Not only will it give your food a nice color and taste, but it will also provide your body and mind with amazing benefits. 

It is naturally loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds. Therefore, it can fight off various health conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and cancer. Oh, and it is said to be beneficial for depression as well. 

Dried Mushrooms 

Dried mushrooms, also known as shrooms, are also quite beneficial for your physical and mental health. Though you cannot add them to your everyday diet, you can still use them every alternate day, given their long storage duration

It’s an amazing herb if you wish to discontinue your allopathic stress-relieving and sleep-inducing drugs as it can relieve withdrawal effects of such medicines. It has also exhibited incredible results for treating anxiety and depression. 


Ashwagandha, also called winter cherry, is an annual evergreen shrub that grows in the Middle East, India, and parts of Africa. This herb has numerous health benefits, both physiological and psychological. 

It can boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce edema, and help calm your mind, relieving stress and anxiety effectively. It is traditionally used as an adaptogen; therefore, experts often recommend it for stress-related issues. 

Valerian Root

Valerian root is an herb native to some parts of Asia and Europe. For those who have sleep-related issues, valerian root is the best herb ever. It has been used as a sedative for a long time; hence, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s a natural alternative to allopathic tranquilizers. 

Besides that, it can also relieve your digestive issues. For women, in particular, valerian root is pretty effective for menstrual cramps. Not to forget, valerian root is beneficial for recurring headaches, too. 

It’s pretty simple, eh? Try to ditch allopathic medicines and switch to herbs and plants instead. I’m sure it will improve your everyday life and mental health in general.

Good luck, guys! 

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