How To Create A Yoga Tutorial Video

How To Create A Yoga Tutorial Video

Namaste! As a certified yoga instructor or a budding yogini enthusiast, you may want to share video tutorials. Today, people love watching “fitspiration” videos to keep them healthy. Besides, yoga is a well-known de-stressor, so creating yoga tutorials will get you tons of likes, shares, comments, and followers. Even if you don’t have any experience producing videos, you can use an online video editor. Even kids and newbies love this tool because it comes with premade templates. These amazing designs assure you that they can be done in a matter of minutes. Still not a believer? Keep on reading to figure out how you can make an online yoga tutorial video. 

Step 1: Pick an Online Video Editing Software

Shooting your video means you are just half-done. The next phase of your video production includes editing. In fact, the bulk of the work in the post-production phase will determine how successful your yoga video turns out. Fortunately, you will find many online video editor apps online. However, remember they are not made equal. 

For best results, pick a tool that allows you to use it on the cloud. This means you don’t have to download the app and waste precious computer memory. Moreover, this allows you to save your work online, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything. You just need to create a free account, and you are good to go. Besides, most online video editor software comes with free basic access. This means you can start your project without breaking the bank. 

As you progress with your craft, you may also want to pay for additional upgraded features. This means you will have access to more of the following:

  • A wider array of templates
  • Tons of free footage and clips
  • Access to graphics and stickers
  • More fonts to choose from
  • Different transition and animation effects

Step 2: Write the Storyboard and Script for Foundation

You can use a yoga template in your online video editor library if you want to create a short video. However, if you want to make something longer, it would be better to start from scratch. Lay down the foundation for your tutorial by making a rock-solid storyboard and script. You don’t have to be a drawing expert to make a cool storyboard. Even a stick man will do just as long as you can make the flow of how you want your yoga session to turn out.

You can even do something simple such as listing down the moves you want to make in sequential order. For example, you can try the following yoga sequence: 

  • Start with standing savasana
  • Get down and slowly bend to touch the toes
  • Stretch legs to gently ease into a warrior position
  • Follow this with a triangle pose 
  • Then put legs together and slowly do a downward dog
  • The next move is the cobra pose 
  • Include cat and cow poses
  • End with a tree pose and so on

As the yoga expert, you get to decide the flow of the movements. Establish this beforehand so you can execute the poses properly as you shoot to avoid mistakes. Think of the words that you want to say to encourage your viewers to follow the poses. You can speak as you do the moves or add voice-over later, so prep your script as well. 

Step 3: Record The Accompanying Voice Over Narrative Instructions

Since it may be difficult to speak as you execute your yoga moves, you can add a voice narrative with your online video editor. With your script, you can easily record your narration with the voice recording feature. Don’t forget to do the following:

  • Speak slowly
  • Modulate your voice
  • Use a noise-canceling microphone for the best sound quality
  • Record in a quiet room
  • Be mindful of your dead air like “uhs” or “uhms” 

Save the audio files and import them to the online video editor. Later, use the drag and drop function to place the words in the correct timestamp. You can even add accompanying soothing music for a truly relaxing yoga workout. 

Step 4: Edit the Video Clip Footage to Assure a Smooth Flow

Afterwards, you can tweak your footage to make it more fun. For example, you can speed up dragging parts or add transitions to jagged cuts. You can also focus your viewers’ attention on important parts by adding fonts. For example, use it to add a:

  • Movement tips 
  • Provide short explanations
  • Add your brand watermark for copyright
  • Include contact details
  • Add a disclaimer at the start
  • Create a title page and outro

Alternatively, you can also use animations and other effects to make your yoga video look more interesting. Finally, don’t forget to perform color correction on your footage to ascertain unity. 

Step 5: Include a Short Intro Video For Brand Consistency 

If you intend to keep on curating different yoga videos for your followers, creating a short intro video would be helpful. An intro video is usually a maximum of 15 seconds long. This introduces the viewers to your brand and shows them what you offer. Use your video maker to add the following: 

  • Title
  • Animation
  • Musical scoring
  • Other effects
  • Social media details
  • Website info

Remember to choose elements that align with your brand because this will precede all your yoga tutorials. You can create this short snippet with your online video editor yoga template. This short video serves as the perfect material to create consistency for all your yoga videos. It will help promote your brand and ensure 

Step 6: Review and Share the Final Output

Finally, take the time to watch your video tutorial. Watch out for dragging parts, dark lighting, and other off-putting elements. Take time to edit information as well to catch spelling mistakes and wrong details. Then, when you make time to review your work, you can feel confident in releasing a perfect yoga tutorial. 

You can download the file and use it for your web page or another purpose. Alternatively, you can also directly share it on your various social media profiles. 

Parting Words 

Thankfully, you don’t have to be an editing professional to create quality videos to share your passions. With the help of innovation, you can leverage modern video makers and create something truly special with your smartphone camera and software. Now, you can invite everyone to quiet their minds, keep calm, stretch, and breathe.

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