Skirting Board Covers – The Benefits

Skirting board covers are an excellent way to cover your existing skirting boards, ensuring that your walls and floors stay pristine and untouched. Unlike traditional skirting, these boards do not need to be removed. You can simply place the new skirting over the original, saving time and effort. Skirting board covers are specially designed to fit over the existing materials and mimic the look of the original skirting. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of skirting board covers, including how to choose the right ones for your house.

Before stapling your new skirting board cover, you need to clean the surfaces thoroughly. Make sure there are no solid particles or grease, as these will interfere with the bond between the cover and the board. Next, dry the surfaces completely before stapling. This will ensure that the cover is secure -and does not come loose. If the cover is not glued, it might fall off. In either case, you should carefully cut the pieces of wood using a handsaw.

If you do not want to use glue to secure the boards, you can choose skirting board covers made of MDF, which are moisture-resistant. These skirting board covers are easy to install and do not split or warp. PVC skirting board covers are also very easy to fit, and will save you time and effort. However, they do not last forever. It’s always advisable to buy a skirting board cover before painting your home.

MDF skirting board covers are also an excellent option if you’re looking to update the interior of your home. They resemble normal skirting boards, but have a large rebate on the back that encloses your existing skirting. These skirting board covers don’t require rails or clips, so you won’t have to remove your existing skirting boards. Moreover, these covers can also be used to update the interior of your home without having to replace the entire structure.

Ogee-style skirting boards are the most popular style in the UK. They go well with traditional decor, but they also look fantastic in modern interiors. Their angled top edge has a sweeping curve, and a carved line below it. You can also get ornamented versions with 2 sets of waves. They range in size from subtle 57mm to 168mm. They also provide the best protection against water and damage caused by furniture.

Aside from protecting your walls, skirting boards also give your room a finished look. Using these boards will hide any gaps between the walls and the floor. You can also choose to paint them the same color as the walls, which gives them a nice contrast. Alternatively, you can choose a natural-looking option, which is made of solid wood. These boards are unlikely to warp or crack, but will require more maintenance.

Lamb’s Tongue profiles are synonymous with style and elegance and are particularly recommended for Victorian-style properties. In addition to being an excellent choice for Victorian-style properties, Lamb’s Tongue profiles also add a subtle visual element. The Square Edge profile is the simplest, with a top square angle. It is easy to match the shape of an architrave to the shape of a skirting board. However, if you have uneven walls, consider installing plinth blocks or’spare-joining’ blocks.

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