Why do infidelities arise in the pandemic?

Isolation, change of routine, lack of new emotions and boredom, these are some of the repercussions that COVID-19 has left thousands of people in the world, nobody was prepared for a change of lifestyle of this magnitude due to the health measures and physical distancing caused by the pandemic.

Situations vary from country to country and place to place, with some countries increasing the measures and others maintaining or easing them. Part of what people experience throughout their lives are their relationships with their partners, which have changed as a result of the experiences of the pandemic, probably leading to monotony, boredom and even infidelity.

Although there are no studies on infidelity in the pandemic period, there is an increase in the number of couples’ therapy consultations for reasons that may encourage deception and mistrust between partners, in some cases one or both partners disconnect from the other and join people from the outside, seeking new friendships, mostly virtually.

During boredom, some people are overcome by curiosity and become infidel through social networks and pages where you can find women who advertise sexual content and services such as SimpleEscorts UK, it could be said that one of the reasons why people come to cheat on their partner is because of the ease offered by these platforms, and that is that with just one click they can contact someone they are interested in and communicate through a video call for sex service.

In the pandemic, searches to meet new people have increased, generating in couples a certain distrust and a rise in the tendencies of jealousy and insecurities that are experienced in the normality of a relationship, thus rethinking their respective feelings and in some cases ending their relationships as a consequence.

Due to boredom many people have become aware of their personal needs during their forties and believe that being unfaithful helps them with their self-care, all that general family stress, children, confinement and other factors mean that having another person on the other side immediately improves their mood, which is why lovers play an important role in this matter and serve as a cushion for people who find it difficult to deal with stress.

Main causes of infidelity in the pandemic:

Lack of distractions: It is part of human beings to distract themselves with some hobby, what would people be if there were not so many ways to entertain ourselves, at the beginning of the pandemic it was interesting to see how couples tried to accommodate and even relax watching movies, cooking and doing home activities, but this leads to monotony and sharing space with the partner 24/7 makes perceive more defects and ends up generating annoyance towards the other.

Change of routine: Sometimes changes are necessary, but getting used to teleworking because of the confinement and losing a routine full of many distractions such as going to the gym, chatting with work friends and even transporting between the stress of the city can generate a lot of tension, it is not easy to get used to a new routine and more with such an abrupt change of lifestyle, for this reason some people look for new ways to distract themselves.

Loss of intimacy: Perhaps this is one of the most common problems that couples may notice and it is the loss of attraction towards each other, thus generating infrequent sexual relations, this increases the search for new emotions, thus leading to the possibility of cheating.

Boredom: With all the restrictions that came with the pandemic it is normal to feel bored, especially if an activity that seemed as ordinary as going to play football with friends is now impossible or in some cases not recommended, this causes the search for new ways of entertainment and although there are now many digital media to do so people have the need to relate making it very attractive to have a virtual or face-to-face date with which they can relieve the tedious routine.

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