People know about you even if you aren’t Using Facebook: New Research


New Delhi: If you have installed the Facebook app on your phone or used this platform, then there is startling news for you. Research has found that even if you are not on this platform, your friends are leaking your information. Research has been disclosed by the University of Vermont America and the University of Adelaide Australia. It has been said in this research that if a person leaves the social media platform or never joins them, then the posts written by his friends leak 95 percent of that person’s information.

To confirm that, the scientists took out data of 30 million public posts and 13905 Twitter users, to confirm this. With the help of this data, information from a tweet or a tweet from eight or 9 people will be enough to reveal person identity.

When you sign up on any social media platform, you feel you have given your information, but you also leak your friend’s information along with it. This is what mathematician James Bagro believes is part of this research. It was informed in this research that a company, government or an actor can know about any user about his interest in politics, favorite products, religious affiliation, in which information has been shared through his friends. There are also people who have never made an account on Facebook.

A professor said that you can not hide on the social network anymore, while the other feels that you are only controlling your privacy but it is not, because you are controlling your privacy with a lot of people.