Hiring Commercial Cleaning Companies: How To Choose The Right One

When you own a small business and have limited resources, it can be tempting to cut corners wherever you can. Hiring home cleaners and freelance professionals can be a great way to save money, especially when you’re not sure how often you’ll need someone’s services. However, doing so at the expense of quality and efficiency can be a risky proposition for your business.

Know The Signs Of A Bad Hiring Decision

A popular choice for business owners who are tight on space or have limited staff, hiring a home or freelance cleaner can really save you money. However, if you notice red flags in your hiring process, you may be better off without them in your business. 

Here are some signs to look out for if you suspect a bad hiring decision: 

If you notice any of these signs in your business, you may want to look for more efficient ways to save money.  

  • Your cleaner is never there when you need them. This is one of the most common red flags to look out for.  If you’re hiring a service, you want them to be around when you need them. If you find yourself waiting for extended periods of time before you actually have work to be done, it’s a sign you need to look for someone else. 
  • Your cleaner doesn’t do what you’re paying them to do. This is a common mistake many people make when they first start cleaning.  It’s understandable that you may not be sure what exactly you want a cleaner to do at first. However, as soon as you start asking questions, you should expect your cleaner to know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. 
  • Your cleaner isn’t willing to work with you. Some freelance and home cleaners are afraid to get specific with their clients. However, if they aren’t willing to give you any advice, they aren’t willing to help you learn to clean more efficiently. If they aren’t willing to help you improve, they aren’t worth working with. – Your cleaner is lying to you. If you notice your cleaner is stringing you along, isn’t telling you exactly what they do or isn’t willing to help you improve, you may have found a bad hiring decision.

Make Sure You’re Getting What You Pay For

When you’re hiring a commercial cleaning company, you want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Traditionally, companies will charge you by the hour, charge you for extra services or charge you a flat rate. However, there are ways you can tell which one you’re getting. If a company is charging you per project instead of per hour, you can easily double the price of a project and they’ll still take the same amount of time to complete it.  

This is why it’s important to do your research and hire a company that charges you by the project. This way, you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending and how efficient they are. You can also keep an eye on how much they charge other clients to make sure you’re getting a fair deal. Click here to start finding the best cleaning company in town.

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