Top restaurant menu trends in the UAE for 2021

With change in times, restaurant menus are also evolving. In 2021, the dine-in restaurants in UAE have added come up with some interesting changes to their menus. The traditional paper menus have given way to digital menus. Even in India, cloud restaurant management system Inresto POS offers the feature of a digital menu. Let’s check some of the latest menu trends that are gaining popularity in UAE.

Top 3 restaurant menu trends in UAE

Addition of vegan food –

One of the latest attraction to the restaurant menus is the inclusion of vegan food. For breakfast, it may be a tempeh bacon with sautéed mushrooms. When it comes to dinner, the dish may be cauliflower and chickpea tacos. The most interesting part is that IKEA has added Dubai to the list of countries where it will be expanding its offering of vegan foods.

Rise sin kosher food –

On 15th September 2020, a peace pact was signed between UAE and Israel. Hence there has been a huge rise in the number of Israeli tourists visiting UAE. To attract the Jewish travellers, the restaurants have added Kosher food to their menu.

Preparing a kosher menu requires a lot of attention. As per Ellie Kriel, who runs Elli’s Kosher Kitchen, a ritual slaughter of the animal is a must, as in the case of Halal. It includes only those fishes with fins and scales. Smooth skinned fishes like shark are a strict no-no. Also, there is no place for camel milk or meat on a Kosher menu.

Inclusion of plant based recipes –

As per the survey conducted by YouGov, almost 50% of the UAE diners have replaced dairy food with a plant-based meal in the last year. Hence, to attract such diners, UAE restaurants have included chickpeas as the chief ingredient in place of whole grains. The other additions to the recipe include hummus, cereals, tofu and flour. 

Parting words 

The restaurants diners in UAE have become more health conscious. To meet the increasing demands of the customers, UAE restaurants have altered their menus as per the changing preferencess.

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