Big Jook CMG: The Connection Between Yo Gotti’s Brother and Young Dolph’s Alleged Killer

The murder of rapper Young Dolph on November 17, 2023 has shocked the hip-hop world and sparked a lot of speculation about who was behind the fatal shooting. One of the names that has been mentioned repeatedly is Big Jook, the older brother of Yo Gotti, who has a long-standing beef with Young Dolph. But what is the evidence that links Big Jook to the crime? And how does he fit into the CMG (Collective Music Group) label that Yo Gotti founded? Here is what we know so far.

Big Jook and Hernandez Govan: A Photo That Raises Questions

One of the main clues that has raised suspicion about Big Jook’s involvement in Young Dolph’s murder is a photo that shows him posing with Hernandez Govan, the man who has been indicted on conspiracy and murder charges for allegedly ordering the hit on Dolph. The photo, which has circulated on social media, appears to show Big Jook wearing a CMG pendant, suggesting that he is affiliated with Yo Gotti’s label. The date and location of the photo are unknown, but some fans believe that it proves that Big Jook and Govan are close associates and that they may have conspired to kill Young Dolph.

According to AllHipHop, the photo has sent internet sleuths into overdrive, as they try to find more connections between Big Jook, Govan, and CMG. Some have pointed out that Govan’s daughter, LottaCash Desto, who was reportedly killed in a drive-by shooting shortly after her father’s arrest, had posted a video of herself listening to a CMG song on Instagram. Others have noted that Govan’s Instagram account, which has since been deleted, had several posts that referenced CMG and Yo Gotti.

Big Jook and Yo Gotti: Brothers in Music and Business

Big Jook, whose real name is Mario Mims, is the older brother of Yo Gotti, whose real name is Adolph Thornton Jr. The two brothers grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and both pursued careers in music and business. Big Jook is a rapper and producer, who has released several mixtapes and albums, such as “The Streets Made Me” and “The Return of Big Jook”. He is also the CEO of his own label, Big Jook Entertainment, which has signed artists like BigGlo and GloRilla.

Yo Gotti, on the other hand, is one of the most successful and influential rappers in the South, who has released numerous hit songs and albums, such as “Down in the DM”, “I Am”, and “Untrapped”. He is also the founder and leader of CMG, which has signed artists like Moneybagg Yo, Blac Youngsta, and 42 Dugg. CMG is considered one of the most powerful and profitable labels in the hip-hop industry, with a reported net worth of over $100 million.

Big Jook and Yo Gotti have a close relationship, and often support each other’s music and business ventures. Big Jook frequently appears on Yo Gotti’s Instagram page, where he is praised as a “big brother” and a “boss”. Yo Gotti also celebrates Big Jook’s achievements, such as his birthday and his label’s success. The two brothers also collaborate on music projects, such as the song “Big Jook” that Yo Gotti featured on his 2016 mixtape “The Return”.

Big Jook and Young Dolph: A History of Beef and Disrespect

The feud between Young Dolph and Yo Gotti is well-known and well-documented in the hip-hop scene. The two rappers, who were both from Memphis, had a falling out over a failed collaboration and a dispute over who was the real “King of Memphis”. The beef escalated over the years, with both sides exchanging insults and threats on social media and in their songs. Young Dolph also claimed that he had slept with the mother of Yo Gotti’s child, and that he had lent money and drugs to Yo Gotti’s brother, Big Jook.

Big Jook was not spared from Young Dolph’s diss tracks, as he was mentioned and mocked in several songs, such as “Play Wit Yo Btch” and “King of Memphis”. In “Play Wit Yo Btch”, Young Dolph rapped: “You went and got my big brother Big Jook, he a btch too / I fronted him a couple pounds, he ain’t pay me sht / He told me he was gon’ rob you, I thought the sht was slick”. In “King of Memphis”, Young Dolph rapped: “Big Jook, he a btch, he ain’t never sold no work / He just Yo Gotti brother, he don’t put in no work”.

Big Jook did not respond directly to Young Dolph’s disses, but he did post a video on Instagram in 2017, where he showed off his jewelry and money, and said: “I ain’t got to rap, ngga, I’m a boss”. He also appeared to take shots at Young Dolph in some of his songs, such as “Big Jook”, where he rapped: “Nggas talkin’ like they know me, they don’t know sht / They just hatin’ ’cause I’m rich, and they ain’t got sht”.

Big Jook and the Police: A Rumor That Was Debunked

Another rumor that has circulated online is that Big Jook was arrested by the police in connection with Young Dolph’s murder. The rumor started after a screenshot of a news article with the headline “Big Jook Arrested In Memphis” was shared on social media. However, the screenshot was fake, and the news article was from a website called Genius Celebs, which is known for publishing false and misleading stories.

According to Moguldom, Big Jook has not been arrested for anything, and he has been active on Instagram, where he has posted videos and photos of himself enjoying his life and celebrating his family and friends. He has also denied any involvement in Young Dolph’s murder, and has expressed his condolences to his family and fans. He wrote on Instagram: “RIP Young Dolph. I don’t wish death on nobody. Prayers up for his kids and family”.

Big Jook CMG: The Conclusion

Big Jook is the older brother of Yo Gotti, and a rapper and producer who runs his own label, Big Jook Entertainment. He is also affiliated with Yo Gotti’s label, CMG, and has been seen wearing a CMG pendant and hanging out with CMG artists. He has a history of beef and disrespect with Young Dolph, who was killed on November 17, 2023. He has been linked to the crime by a photo that shows him with Hernandez Govan, the man who has been indicted for ordering the hit on Dolph. However, he has not been arrested or charged with anything, and he has denied any involvement in the murder. He has also expressed his sympathy for Young Dolph’s family and fans.