Gretchen Ho BF: Is She Still Dating Robi Domingo?

Gretchen Ho is a Filipino volleyball player and TV show host who is known for her shows like Gameday Weekend and TV Patrol. She is also known for her on-again, off-again relationship with her boyfriend, Robi Domingo, a Filipino DJ and actor. But are they still together? Here is what we know about Gretchen Ho BF and their love story.

How They Met

Gretchen and Robi met in 2012, when they were both hosts of the ABS-CBN sports show, The Score. They hit it off right away and started dating soon after. According to Robi, he was attracted to Gretchen’s personality and passion for sports. He also said that thinking about Gretchen made him smile and being with her helped him become himself.

How They Broke Up

However, their relationship was not always smooth sailing. In 2017, they announced their breakup, citing their busy schedules and different priorities as the reasons. They also said that they wanted to focus on their careers and personal growth. Gretchen said that she had accepted that it was not the time for romance yet, and that she was busy with her work and advocacy projects. Robi, on the other hand, said that he was heartbroken and depressed after the breakup, and that he needed time to heal and move on.

How They Reconnected

Despite their breakup, Gretchen and Robi remained friends and supported each other’s endeavors. They also occasionally crossed paths in their work and social circles. In 2019, they sparked rumors of a reconciliation when they were spotted together at a charity event and a concert. They also exchanged sweet messages on social media, expressing their admiration and gratitude for each other.

In 2020, they confirmed that they were back together, and that they had learned from their past mistakes. They said that they had matured and grown as individuals, and that they were ready to commit to each other. They also said that they had realized that they were meant for each other, and that they were happy and in love.

What’s Next for Them

Gretchen and Robi are currently enjoying their relationship, and are often seen spending quality time together. They also share their adventures and milestones on their Instagram accounts, where they have millions of followers. They are also busy with their respective careers, as Gretchen is hosting and producing a new travel show called Woman in Action, and Robi is hosting and acting in various shows and movies. They also support each other’s passions and advocacies, such as sports, education, and charity.

Gretchen and Robi have not revealed their plans for the future, but they have hinted that they are open to settling down and starting a family someday. They have also said that they are grateful for their second chance at love, and that they are looking forward to more years of happiness and adventure together.