High Shot from Nadel: How to Master the Lob in Tennis

Tennis is a game of skill, strategy, and finesse. One of the most effective shots in tennis is the lob, which is a high shot that goes over the opponent’s head and lands near the baseline. The lob can be used as a defensive or offensive weapon, depending on the situation and the player’s intention. In this article, we will explore the benefits, types, and techniques of the lob, and how to master this high shot from nadel.

Benefits of the Lob

The lob has several advantages over other shots in tennis. Some of the benefits of the lob are:

  • It can create time and space for the player to recover from a difficult position or a weak shot.
  • It can force the opponent to retreat from the net or the baseline, disrupting their rhythm and momentum.
  • It can surprise the opponent and catch them off guard, especially if they are expecting a different shot.
  • It can exploit the opponent’s weakness, such as their height, speed, or overhead skills.
  • It can set up a winning point, either by landing inside the court or by drawing a weak return from the opponent.

Types of the Lob

There are two main types of the lob: the defensive lob and the offensive lob. Each type has its own purpose and characteristics.

Defensive Lob

The defensive lob is used when the player is under pressure or in a defensive position, such as when the opponent is at the net or hitting a powerful shot. The defensive lob is aimed high and deep, with the goal of clearing the opponent’s reach and landing near the baseline. The defensive lob is usually hit with topspin, which gives the ball more height, curve, and margin for error. The defensive lob is not meant to be a winning shot, but rather a way of neutralizing the opponent’s attack and extending the rally.

Offensive Lob

The offensive lob is used when the player is in an offensive position or has an opportunity to attack, such as when the opponent is out of position or hitting a weak shot. The offensive lob is aimed lower and shorter, with the goal of landing inside the court or near the lines. The offensive lob is usually hit with slice, which gives the ball more speed, skid, and angle. The offensive lob is meant to be a winning shot, or at least a way of putting the opponent in a difficult situation.

Techniques of the Lob

The lob is not a difficult shot to execute, but it requires good timing, accuracy, and judgment. Here are some tips on how to hit a good lob:

  • Use a continental or eastern grip, which allows for more wrist action and spin control.
  • Swing from low to high, with a smooth and relaxed motion.
  • Contact the ball in front of your body, with the racket face slightly open.
  • For a topspin lob, brush up the back of the ball, creating a forward and upward spin.
  • For a slice lob, cut under the ball, creating a backward and downward spin.
  • Aim for a high and deep target, preferably over the opponent’s weaker side or shoulder.
  • Adjust your swing speed and angle according to the height, speed, and direction of the incoming ball.
  • Watch the ball and the opponent, and be ready to follow up with another shot if needed.


The lob is a versatile and effective shot in tennis, that can be used for both defense and offense. By mastering the lob, you can improve your game and challenge your opponent with this high shot from nadel. According to Try Hard Guides, the lob is a crossword clue that has three letters and is often associated with Nadal, who is known for his lobbing skills. If you want to learn more about the lob and other tennis shots, you can watch some videos on YouTube, such as the one by ATP Tour, which shows Nadal landing a winner from an impossible angle at Monte-Carlo 2017. You can also read some articles on The Games Cabin, which provides crossword clue answers and definitions.