How did Michael Gagnon die? The tragic story behind Spirited’s tribute

If you have watched the Apple TV+ movie Spirited, a musical comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, you might have noticed a touching tribute at the end of the film. The movie, which is a modern and humorous adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, dedicates a title card to Michael Gagnon, a truck driver who worked on the film’s production. But who was Michael Gagnon, and how did he die? Here is what we know about his life and death.

Michael Gagnon’s biography

Michael Gagnon was born on June 23, 1972, in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the son of the late Paul and Elizabeth (Schiavoni) Gagnon, and the brother of Paul and Brian Gagnon. He had four children, Danielle, Katie, Amanda, and Christopher, and five grandchildren, Caroline, Zoe, Lucas, Liam, and Logan. He was also the devoted and loving companion of Melanie Guarino, who survives him.

Michael Gagnon worked as a truck driver in the transportation department of several movies, including Ted (2012), Don’t Look Up (2021), and Spirited (2022). He was also a veteran of the Air Force and a cook in various restaurants. He was described as a “much loved member of the best crew” by Spirited’s director Sean Anders, who also said that he “will be missed and remembered” by his colleagues and friends.

Michael Gagnon’s cause of death

Michael Gagnon passed away on September 22, 2021, at the age of 49. His death occurred during the filming of Spirited, which took place between July and October of 2021 in Boston and Braintree, Massachusetts. However, the exact cause and circumstances of his death have not been publicly disclosed, out of respect for his family’s privacy.

Michael Gagnon was laid to rest in a private funeral service at St. Patrick’s Parish on September 27, 2021. His obituary on invites people to share their memories and condolences with his loved ones, and to make donations to the American Heart Association in his honor.

Spirited’s tribute to Michael Gagnon

Spirited, which premiered on Apple TV+ on November 18, 2022, pays homage to Michael Gagnon in a heartfelt way. After the movie ends with a final song by Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, a black screen appears with the message: “In loving memory of Michael Gagnon.” He is also credited as the “Transportation Co-Captain” in the film’s end credits.

The tribute to Michael Gagnon was not the only one in Spirited, as the movie also honors the memory of another crew member, Angelina Chavez Torres, who was the assistant to the director of photography. She died in a car accident on October 9, 2021, at the age of 29.

Spirited is a fun and festive movie that celebrates the spirit of Christmas, but it also acknowledges the loss of two valuable members of its team, who contributed to making the film possible. Michael Gagnon and Angelina Chavez Torres will not be forgotten by their families, friends, and fans.