How to Gather in Piles NYT Mini Crossword Clue

If you are a fan of crossword puzzles, you might have come across the New York Times Mini Crossword, a small but challenging puzzle that is published daily online and in print. The mini crossword has a 5×5 grid and usually no more than 10 clues, making it a quick and fun way to test your vocabulary and general knowledge.

One of the clues that appeared in the mini crossword on December 18, 2022 was “Gather in piles”. Do you know the answer? If not, don’t worry, we are here to help you solve this clue and learn some interesting facts along the way.

The Answer: AMASS

The answer to the clue “Gather in piles” is AMASS, which means to collect or accumulate something in large quantities or over a period of time. For example, you can amass a fortune, a collection, or a pile of books.

The word AMASS comes from the Middle English word amassen, which means to assemble or bring together. It is derived from the Old French word amasser, which has the same meaning. The Old French word amasser is a combination of the prefix a-, which means to or toward, and the verb masser, which means to form into a mass or heap.

Some synonyms of AMASS are gather, accumulate, collect, pile up, heap up, stockpile, hoard, and store.

The Origin of the Clue

The clue “Gather in piles” might have been inspired by the recent news of a massive pileup of cargo ships at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, which are the busiest in the United States. According to the Los Angeles Times, the pileup was caused by a surge in demand for imported goods, a shortage of truck drivers and warehouse workers, and the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pileup has created a backlog of thousands of containers waiting to be unloaded and delivered to their destinations, causing delays and disruptions in the global supply chain. Some of the goods that are stuck in the pileup include toys, electronics, furniture, clothing, and food.

The pileup has also raised concerns about the environmental impact of the idling ships, which emit large amounts of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, a single container ship can produce as much pollution as 50 million cars in a year.

The pileup has prompted the Biden administration to take action to ease the congestion and speed up the movement of goods. Some of the measures include extending the operating hours of the ports, increasing the availability of trucks and trains, and providing financial incentives to shippers and carriers.

The Fun of the Mini Crossword

The mini crossword is a great way to challenge your brain and learn new things every day. The clues are often based on current events, pop culture, science, history, geography, and more. The mini crossword also has some features that make it more enjoyable and accessible, such as:

  • A timer that shows how fast you can solve the puzzle
  • A hint button that reveals one letter of the answer
  • A reveal button that shows the whole answer
  • A check button that tells you if you have any errors
  • A stats page that tracks your progress and performance
  • A leaderboard that compares your score with other players
  • A share button that lets you send the puzzle to your friends

If you want to try the mini crossword, you can find it on the New York Times website or app, or in the print edition of the newspaper. You can also subscribe to the New York Times Crossword to access more puzzles, including the daily crossword, the Spelling Bee, the Tiles, and the Vertex.

The mini crossword is a great way to have fun, learn, and improve your skills. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can always find something new and interesting in the mini crossword. So, why not give it a try and see if you can gather in piles some crossword clues?