How to Solve the Cash in Jordan NYT Crossword Puzzle

If you are a crossword enthusiast, you might have come across the clue “Cash in Jordan” in the New York Times crossword puzzle of October 28, 2022. This clue was created by Will Nediger and edited by Will Shortz, and it has a six-letter answer that is quite difficult to guess. In this article, we will give you some tips and hints on how to crack this clue and improve your crossword skills.

What is the Cash in Jordan?

The first step to solving any crossword clue is to understand what it is asking for. In this case, the clue is asking for the name of the currency used in Jordan, a country in the Middle East. According to Levels Answers, the answer is DINARS, which is the official currency of Jordan and several other countries in the region. The dinar is divided into 1,000 fils, and its value is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of 1 dinar = 1.41 USD.

How to Find the Answer?

If you did not know the answer to the clue, you might have tried to use some strategies to narrow down the possibilities. For example, you might have looked at the length of the answer and the letters that intersect with other clues. You might have also used some general knowledge or trivia about Jordan or its currency. For instance, you might have remembered that Jordan is a constitutional monarchy with King Abdullah II as its head of state, or that it shares borders with Israel, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. You might have also recalled that Jordan is home to the ancient city of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, or that it hosted the first Arab League summit in 1946.

Another way to find the answer is to use online resources, such as crossword solvers, dictionaries, or encyclopedias. For example, you might have used the Crossword Solver website, which allows you to enter the clue and the number of letters, and then provides you with a list of possible answers. You might have also used the New York Times Crossword Answers website, which gives you the solutions to all the clues of the NYT crossword puzzle of the day. You might have also searched for the clue on Bing, which gives you various results, such as news articles, web pages, or images related to the clue.

How to Improve Your Crossword Skills?

Solving crossword puzzles is a fun and challenging activity that can improve your vocabulary, memory, and general knowledge. However, it can also be frustrating and time-consuming if you encounter clues that are too hard or obscure. To improve your crossword skills, you can follow some tips, such as:

  • Solve crossword puzzles regularly and try different sources, such as newspapers, magazines, or websites. This will expose you to a variety of clues, themes, and styles, and help you learn new words and facts.
  • Use a pencil and an eraser, and write lightly. This will allow you to change your answers easily if you are not sure or if you make a mistake.
  • Start with the clues that are easy or obvious, and then fill in the blanks with the letters that you have. This will give you a sense of progress and confidence, and help you eliminate some options for the harder clues.
  • Look for clues that have a common pattern, such as abbreviations, acronyms, anagrams, homophones, synonyms, antonyms, or wordplay. These clues often have a hint or a punctuation mark that indicates the type of clue. For example, a clue that ends with a question mark usually means that the answer is a pun or a joke.
  • Use the theme of the puzzle as a guide. Most crossword puzzles have a theme that relates to the title or the shaded squares. The theme can give you a clue about the topic or the format of the answers. For example, if the title of the puzzle is “Cash in Jordan”, the theme might be currencies of different countries, and the answers might be names of currencies or their symbols.
  • Use external sources, such as dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, or the internet, to check your answers or to find more information. However, do not rely too much on these sources, as they might spoil the fun and the challenge of the puzzle. Use them only as a last resort or as a way to learn something new.


The clue “Cash in Jordan” is one of the many clues that you can find in the New York Times crossword puzzle, which is one of the most popular and prestigious crossword puzzles in the world. Solving this clue requires you to know the name of the currency used in Jordan, which is dinars. If you did not know the answer, you could use some strategies, such as looking at the length and the letters of the answer, using your general knowledge or trivia, or using online resources, such as crossword solvers or search engines. Solving crossword puzzles is a great way to improve your vocabulary, memory, and general knowledge, but it can also be challenging and frustrating. To improve your crossword skills, you can follow some tips, such as solving crossword puzzles regularly, using a pencil and an eraser, starting with the easy clues, looking for clues with a common pattern, using the theme of the puzzle as a guide, and using external sources sparingly. We hope that this article has helped you solve the clue “Cash in Jordan” and enjoy the crossword puzzle more. Happy puzzling!