How to Use a Roll with Many Functions: NYT Crossword Clue

If you are a crossword enthusiast, you might have come across the clue “roll with many functions” in the New York Times crossword puzzle. This clue, with just eight letters, was most recently seen on October 28, 2022. Do you know the answer? If not, don’t worry, we are here to help you solve this puzzle and learn more about this versatile roll.

What is the Roll with Many Functions?

The answer to the clue “roll with many functions” is DUCTTAPE. Duct tape, also known as duck tape, is a type of pressure-sensitive tape that is made of cloth or plastic coated with a polyethylene resin and a rubber-based adhesive. Duct tape is widely used for various purposes, such as sealing, repairing, binding, reinforcing, and protecting. Duct tape is also known for its strength, durability, water resistance, and flexibility.

How to Use Duct Tape for Different Purposes

Duct tape is not only a handy tool for fixing things around the house, but also a creative material for making various crafts and projects. Here are some examples of how you can use duct tape for different purposes:

  • DIY booster seats: If you need a temporary booster seat for your child, you can make one with duct tape and some cushions or pillows. Simply wrap the cushions or pillows with duct tape to make them sturdy and secure, and place them on the seat of your car. According to, this is one of the possible answers to the clue “DIY booster seats” in the same crossword puzzle.
  • Rocky road ingredient: If you are feeling adventurous, you can try making rocky road candy with duct tape. You will need some chocolate, marshmallows, nuts, and duct tape. Melt the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, and stir in the marshmallows and nuts. Cut a piece of duct tape and place it on a baking sheet. Pour the chocolate mixture over the duct tape and spread it evenly. Refrigerate until set, and then peel off the duct tape. Enjoy your rocky road candy with a crunchy twist. According to Try Hard Guides, this is another possible answer to the clue “Rocky road ingredient” in the same crossword puzzle.
  • Venus de Milo With Drawers and Lobster Telephone: If you are feeling artistic, you can try making a replica of the famous surrealist sculpture by Salvador Dali, which features a plaster cast of the Venus de Milo with drawers and a lobster-shaped telephone on top. You will need some duct tape, cardboard, scissors, glue, paint, and a toy phone. Cut out the shape of the Venus de Milo from cardboard, and cover it with duct tape. Cut out some drawers from cardboard, and glue them to the body of the sculpture. Paint the drawers and the phone with different colors, and glue the phone to the head of the sculpture. According to My Word Games, this is yet another possible answer to the clue “Venus de Milo With Drawers and Lobster Telephone” in the same crossword puzzle.


Duct tape is a roll with many functions that can be used for various purposes, from fixing things to making crafts. It is also a common crossword clue that can have different answers depending on the context. If you are stuck on this clue, you can use the information in this article to help you find the right answer and learn more about this amazing roll.