Is Joe DeVito Danny DeVito’s Brother? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Many people have wondered if the stand-up comedian Joe DeVito is related to the famous actor Danny DeVito. They share the same last name, they are both of Italian descent, and they both have careers in the entertainment industry. But are they really brothers? The answer is no. Joe DeVito and Danny DeVito are not siblings, nor are they cousins or any other kind of relatives. They are simply two talented individuals who happen to have a common surname.

Who is Joe DeVito?

Joe DeVito is a highly acclaimed stand-up comedian and writer based in Long Island, New York. He has been performing for over two decades, delighting audiences with his wit and sharp observational humor. He has appeared on many TV shows, such as Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, CNN, FOX News, Last Comic Standing, E!, and CBS. He has also released a comedy album called First Date with Joe DeVito, and he is a frequent panelist guest on the late-night talk show Gutfeld! on Fox News

Who is Danny DeVito?

Danny DeVito is an American actor, director, comedian, and producer. He gained prominence for his portrayal of the taxi dispatcher Louie De Palma in the television series Taxi, which won him a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award. He also plays Frank Reynolds on the FX and FXX sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He is known for his film roles in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Terms of Endearment, Romancing the Stone, Throw Momma from the Train, Twins, The War of the Roses, Batman Returns, Matilda, L.A. Confidential, The Big Kahuna, Big Fish, and Jumanji: The Next Level. He has voiced roles in such films as Hercules, The Lorax, and Smallfoot. He has also produced and directed many films, such as Pulp Fiction, Garden State, and Freedom Writers. He has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture for Erin Brockovich, and a Tony Award for his performance in The Price. He is married to actress Rhea Perlman, and they have three children together

Why do people think they are brothers?

The rumor that Joe DeVito and Danny DeVito are brothers may have originated from their similar appearance and name. They both have dark hair, brown eyes, and a short stature. They also have a common Italian ancestry, as their families are originally from the regions of Basilicata and Calabria. However, these are not enough to prove a blood relation, as there are many people who share these traits without being related. According to Wikipedia, the surname DeVito is derived from the Latin word de vita, meaning “of life”. It is a common surname in southern Italy, especially in the provinces of Potenza and Cosenza Therefore, it is possible that Joe DeVito and Danny DeVito have distant ancestors who came from the same area, but they are not close enough to be considered brothers.


Joe DeVito and Danny DeVito are not brothers, nor are they any other kind of relatives. They are two successful comedians and actors who have made their mark in the entertainment industry. They have never worked together, nor have they ever claimed to be related. They are simply two individuals who share a common surname, but have different backgrounds, personalities, and careers.