Is Kai Greene Gay? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Kai Greene is one of the most famous and successful bodybuilders in the world. He has won multiple titles and awards, such as the Arnold Classic, the New York Pro, and the Australian Pro Grand Prix. He has also appeared in movies and TV shows, such as Stranger Things, Crazy Fist, and Pogaru. However, despite his fame and achievements, he has also faced some controversies and rumors about his personal life. One of the most persistent and popular rumors is that Kai Greene is gay. But is there any truth to this claim? Or is it just a fabrication by his rivals and critics? In this article, we will explore the facts and evidence behind this rumor and try to answer the question: Is Kai Greene gay?

The Origin of the Rumor

The rumor that Kai Greene is gay started in 2011, when he was competing against Phil Heath for the Mr. Olympia title. Phil Heath, who is also a bodybuilder and a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner, claimed that he knew a lot about Kai Greene’s life and that he did what is known as “gay for pay”. This means that Kai Greene allegedly stripped and performed sexual acts for homosexual clients in exchange for money. Phil Heath said that there were photos and videos of Kai Greene doing these things on the internet and that he was willing to expose them. According to LiveAkhbar, Phil Heath made these accusations in a conference held in a kindergarten school, which added to the shock and scandal of the rumor.

The Evidence Against the Rumor

However, there is no solid evidence or proof that Kai Greene is gay or that he did “gay for pay” gigs. The photos and videos that Phil Heath mentioned have never been verified or confirmed by any credible source. They could be fake, manipulated, or taken out of context. Moreover, Kai Greene has never admitted or confirmed that he is gay or that he did anything like that. On the contrary, he has denied and dismissed the rumor as a lie and a slander. According to Players Bio, Kai Greene does not identify as gay and he is in a healthy and happy relationship with his longtime girlfriend Dayana Cadeau. Dayana Cadeau is also a bodybuilder and a former Ms. Olympia competitor. She has defended Kai Greene from the rumor and said that it was nothing but a fiction created by those who spread the falsehoods. According to StarsUnfold, Kai Greene and Dayana Cadeau have been dating since 2007, when Kai Greene asked for her number for a photo session. They met at a Classic Event in 1998 and fell in love with each other. They are still together and support each other in their careers and lives.

The Conclusion

Therefore, based on the available information and facts, we can conclude that Kai Greene is not gay and that the rumor is false and unfounded. Kai Greene is a heterosexual man who is in love with a woman and who has never engaged in any homosexual activity for money or otherwise. The rumor was probably started by his rival Phil Heath, who wanted to tarnish his reputation and image and to gain an advantage over him in the competition. However, Kai Greene did not let the rumor affect him or his performance. He continued to excel and impress in his bodybuilding career and to pursue his other passions and interests, such as art, acting, and personal training. Kai Greene is a role model and an inspiration for many people who admire his physique, his talent, and his personality. He is not gay, but he is great.