Is Sam Reid Gay? The Truth About the Australian Actor’s Sexuality

Sam Reid is an Australian actor who has been making waves in the entertainment industry with his roles in films, television and theatre. He is best known for his work in Lambs of God and The Newsreader, for which he was nominated for the AACTA Award for Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama twice, and his critically acclaimed performance as Lestat de Lioncourt in Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. But what about his personal life? Is Sam Reid gay or straight? Here is what we know.

Sam Reid’s Early Life and Career

Sam Reid was born on February 19, 1987, in New South Wales, Australia. He was raised in the rural Monaro region where his father worked as a cattle farmer. Reid is of Irish descent from his mother’s side. He has an older brother, Rupert Reid, who is also an actor, and a producer sister, Kali Reid.

Reid has loved acting since he was six years old; his brother and he used to stage plays and cabaret in the cattle barn at home. He called Orson Welles as his hero, saying: “I will never stop marvelling over Citizen Kane. It’s impossible to think that that film was made by a 26-year-old. It’s impossible to think that he had that confidence and that talent so early”.

Reid attended Cranbrook School, a private boys’ school in Sydney. After his graduation, Reid made his television debut with a small role in Australian medical drama series All Saints. He then briefly lived in New York City before moving to London to study acting at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). He graduated in 2010.

During his final semester at LAMDA, Reid was given an opportunity to audition for a part in Anonymous (2011). Despite not receiving a script prior to his audition, he was offered the role of the Earl of Essex the next day. He was at this time credited as Sebastian Reid.

In 2012, Reid was cast as the male lead opposite Gugu Mbatha-Raw in the period drama Belle after actor Sam Claflin left the project due to scheduling conflicts. He has since appeared in films, including The Railway Man, ’71, The Riot Club, Despite the Falling Snow, and The Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson. His other television appearances include main roles in the 2015 American period drama The Astronaut Wives Club, the 2017 British detective drama Prime Suspect 1973 and the 2019 Australian drama series The Hunting. As a stage actor, Reid joined The Old Vic and West End production of the musical Girl from the North Country (2017–2018).

Sam Reid’s Sexuality and Relationship Status

Sam Reid is not having an affair with anyone presently. His sexual orientation is straight. He has never publicly confirmed or denied being gay, but there is no evidence to suggest that he is. He has played several LGBTQ+ characters in his career, such as Lestat de Lioncourt in Interview with the Vampire and John Cree in The Limehouse Golem, but that does not mean that he is gay in real life.

Reid has been very private about his personal life and has not revealed much about his past or present relationships. He has not been linked to any co-stars or celebrities romantically. He currently has been dividing his time between London and Los Angeles.

Reid has said that he is not interested in fame or fame culture, and that he prefers to focus on his craft and his passion for acting. He has also said that he is not on social media, and that he does not read reviews or comments about his work. He has said: “I don’t want to be a celebrity. I want to be an actor. I want to do good work and I want to be proud of it”.

Sam Reid’s Future Projects and Plans

Sam Reid is currently starring as Lestat de Lioncourt in the AMC adaptation of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, alongside Jacob Anderson as Louis de Pointe du Lac. The show has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike, and has been praised for its faithful and respectful portrayal of the iconic vampire novel. Reid and Anderson have been lauded for their chemistry and their nuanced performances as the complex and conflicted lovers.

Reid has also recently completed filming for the upcoming thriller The Unfamiliar, in which he plays a British soldier who returns home from war and discovers that his family is haunted by an evil spirit. The film is expected to be released in 2024.

Reid has expressed his interest in working with more Australian filmmakers and exploring more diverse and challenging roles. He has said: “I want to do things that scare me. I want to do things that make me feel uncomfortable. I want to do things that make me grow as an actor and as a person”.

Reid has also said that he hopes to direct and produce his own projects in the future, and that he has some ideas that he would like to develop. He has said: “I have a lot of stories that I want to tell. I have a lot of things that I want to say. I have a lot of things that I want to explore. I think directing and producing is a natural progression for me as an actor”.


Sam Reid is a talented and versatile actor who has been impressing audiences with his roles in films, television and theatre. He is not gay, but he has played some memorable LGBTQ+ characters in his career. He is very private about his personal life and does not seek fame or attention. He is passionate about his craft and his projects, and he has a bright future ahead of him.