Is Sharkeisha Thompson still alive? The truth behind the viral video star

Sharkeisha Thompson became an internet sensation in 2013 after a video of her brutally punching another girl went viral on social media. The shocking clip sparked memes, jokes, and even a song by rapper Lil B. But what happened to Sharkeisha after the video? Is she still alive or did she die in a drive-by shooting? Here is everything you need to know about the fate of Sharkeisha Thompson.

The viral video that made Sharkeisha famous

The video that made Sharkeisha famous was recorded by a friend of hers in late 2013. It showed Sharkeisha confronting another girl named ShaMichael Manuel, who was 17 years old at the time. Sharkeisha accused ShaMichael of trying to steal her boyfriend and then sucker-punched her in the face. Sharkeisha continued to kick and hit ShaMichael as she fell to the ground, until her friends intervened and stopped the attack.

The video was posted on Instagram and quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and reactions. Many people found the video funny and made fun of Sharkeisha’s name, which sounded like a combination of “shark” and “Keisha”. Some even praised Sharkeisha for her fighting skills and called her a “legend”. However, others were appalled by the violence and expressed sympathy for ShaMichael, who suffered a black eye, a busted lip, and a concussion.

According to The Netline, Sharkeisha was arrested and charged with assault after the video surfaced. ShaMichael told KHOU-TV that she had no idea that Sharkeisha was going to attack her and that they were supposed to be friends. She also said that Sharkeisha was probably jealous of her because of a boy they both liked.

The rumors of Sharkeisha’s death

In the years following the viral video, several rumors emerged claiming that Sharkeisha had died. The first rumor claimed that Sharkeisha was killed in a hit-and-run accident in 2014. The second rumor claimed that Sharkeisha was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in 2021. The third rumor claimed that Sharkeisha had committed suicide.

However, none of these rumors were true. Sharkeisha is still alive and well, according to MTO News. The outlet reported that Sharkeisha lives in New York and works as an Instagram model. The outlet also shared some photos of Sharkeisha, who appeared to have changed her appearance and style.

Sharkeisha has been very secretive about her life on social media, probably to avoid the negative attention and criticism that came with the viral video. She has not confirmed or denied any of the rumors about her death. She also has not addressed the video or apologized to ShaMichael.

The current status of Sharkeisha and ShaMichael

Sharkeisha and ShaMichael have not been in contact since the incident in 2013. ShaMichael told KHOU-TV that she feared that the video would haunt her for the rest of her life and that she hoped that Sharkeisha would learn from her mistake. ShaMichael also said that she wanted to move on and focus on her education and career.

Sharkeisha, on the other hand, seems to have embraced her fame and used it to her advantage. She has gained thousands of followers on social media and has posted several photos and videos of herself. She has also been featured in some music videos and magazines. Sharkeisha has not expressed any remorse or regret for what she did to ShaMichael.

Sharkeisha Thompson is one of the many examples of how the internet can make someone famous overnight, for better or for worse. Her viral video has left a lasting impact on both her and her victim, as well as on the millions of people who watched it. Whether Sharkeisha is seen as a hero or a villain, she is certainly a part of internet history.