Is Tyler Hynes Gay? The Truth About His Relationship Status

Tyler Hynes is a Canadian actor, director, producer, editor, and writer who has been in the entertainment industry since he was eight years old. He is best known for his roles in Hallmark Channel movies such as Winter in Vail, The Mistletoe Secret, and Roadhouse Romance. He has also appeared in other films and TV shows such as Immortals, Saving Hope, and Letterkenny. But what about his personal life? Is Tyler Hynes gay? Is he dating anyone? Here is what we know.

Tyler Hynes and Racquel Natasha

According to some sources, Tyler Hynes is not gay but has a girlfriend named Racquel Natasha. She is a commercial model and a lifestyle blogger who runs a website called Racquel Natasha. The couple has been dating for a long time but has kept their relationship very private. They rarely post pictures of each other on social media and do not attend public events together.

However, on Valentine’s Day in 2017, Tyler Hynes posted a picture of his dog and Racquel Natasha on his Instagram account with the caption, “Miss my girls”. He later deleted the post, but some fans managed to take a screenshot of it. This was the only time he publicly acknowledged his relationship with Racquel Natasha. Since then, there has been no further confirmation or update on their status.

Tyler Hynes and His Co-Stars

Tyler Hynes has worked with many beautiful and talented actresses in his Hallmark Channel movies, such as Lacey Chabert, Taylor Cole, Autumn Reeser, and Erin Krakow. He has also shared great chemistry and friendship with them on and off-screen. However, he has never been romantically linked with any of his co-stars. He once said in an interview that he does not get close with his female co-stars because he respects their personal lives and boundaries.

He also said that he enjoys working with them and learning from them, but he does not mix his professional and personal life. He added that he is very happy with his girlfriend and does not want to jeopardize his relationship with her. He also said that he is very loyal and faithful to his partner and does not cheat on her.

Tyler Hynes and His Sexuality

Tyler Hynes has never explicitly talked about his sexuality or his sexual orientation. He has never come out as gay, bisexual, or anything else. He has also never been involved in any gay rumors or scandals. He has always maintained a low profile and focused on his career and his passion. He has also never expressed any support or opposition to the LGBTQ+ community or any related issues.

However, some fans have speculated that he might be gay or bisexual because of his appearance, his mannerisms, or his roles. Some fans have also wished that he was gay or bisexual because they find him attractive and charming. However, these are just assumptions and fantasies that have no basis in reality. Tyler Hynes has never confirmed or denied any of these speculations and has always kept his sexuality to himself.


Tyler Hynes is a talented and handsome actor who has a large and loyal fan base. He is also a private and reserved person who does not share much of his personal life with the public. He is not gay but has a girlfriend named Racquel Natasha, whom he has been dating for a long time. He is also not involved with any of his co-stars and respects their personal lives. He has never talked about his sexuality or his sexual orientation and has always kept it to himself. He is happy with his career and his relationship and does not care about what others think or say about him. He is a man of mystery and mystery is attractive.