John Ducey Gay: The Truth About His Sexuality and Love Life

John Ducey is a popular American actor, writer, and producer who has starred in many films and TV shows, such as I Believe in Santa, American Fighter, Lady Driver, and That’s Amor. He is also the creator of I Believe in Santa, a Netflix Christmas movie that features him and his real-life wife, Christina Moore, as the main couple. However, despite his successful career and marriage, some people have wondered about his sexuality and whether he is gay or not. In this article, we will reveal the truth about John Ducey’s sexual orientation and his love life.

Is John Ducey Gay?

The rumor that John Ducey is gay is false. John Ducey is not gay, and as far as we can tell, he has been straight all his life. Nevertheless, Ducey is a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and has shown his solidarity with them in various ways. For instance, Ducey cast Sachin Bhatt, a queer actor, in one of the prominent supporting roles in I Believe in Santa. Bhatt plays Assan, Tom’s (Ducey’s character) closest friend, who is openly gay but his sexuality rarely comes up in the film. According to TheNetline, Ducey wanted to portray a realistic and diverse representation of the modern society and friendship in his movie.

Who Is John Ducey Married To?

John Ducey is married to Christina Moore, a talented actress, comedian, and producer who has appeared in many shows and movies, such as MADtv, Jessie, True Blood, and 90210. The couple met through their mutual friends and started dating after discovering that they had a lot in common. They told Joli Magazine that they enjoyed doing crossword puzzles and talking politics on their dates. They also shared a passion for acting and filmmaking, which led them to collaborate on many projects together. Ducey and Moore got married in 2008 and have been happily together ever since.

What About John Ducey’s Previous Marriage and Child?

Before marrying Christina Moore, John Ducey was married to Rene Ashton, an actress and producer who has worked on films such as The Wedding Pact, The Perfect Boyfriend, and The Perfect Husband. They had a daughter together, Emma Ashton, who was born in 2004. However, their marriage did not last and they divorced in 2006. Ducey and Ashton have remained on good terms and co-parent their daughter amicably. According to Linefame, Moore has a great relationship with Emma and treats her as her own child.


John Ducey is not gay and has been married twice in his life. He is currently married to Christina Moore, his co-star in I Believe in Santa, and they have a wonderful partnership both on and off the screen. Ducey is also a father to Emma Ashton, his daughter from his previous marriage to Rene Ashton. Ducey is a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and has expressed his views through his work and actions. He is a talented and versatile actor, writer, and producer who has entertained millions of fans with his performances and creations.