Josh Wiley Dog Attack: A Tragic Story of Two Pit Bulls Killing Two Children

A horrific incident took place in Tennessee on Wednesday, October 6, 2022, when two pit bulls belonging to a family attacked and killed two young children and injured their mother. The victims were identified as five-month-old Hollace Dean Bennard and two-year-old Lilly Jane Bennard, who were pronounced dead at the scene. Their mother, Kirstie Jane Bennard, 30, was severely wounded while trying to protect her kids from the dogs. She was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition. The father of the children, Colby Bennard, was not present at the time of the attack.

What Happened on That Fateful Day?

According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, the attack occurred around 3:30 p.m. at the family’s home on Sylvan Road in Millington, a suburb of Memphis. The pit bulls, which were reportedly the family’s pets, suddenly turned violent and mauled the children and their mother. The motive behind the dogs’ aggression is unknown. The authorities arrived at the scene and found the children dead and the mother severely injured. The dogs were taken into custody by the Animal Control and their fate is unclear. The investigation into the incident is ongoing and no criminal charges have been filed yet.

Who Were the Victims and the Survivors?

The victims of the attack were Hollace Dean Bennard and Lilly Jane Bennard, the only children of Colby and Kirstie Bennard. Colby Bennard is the manager of a Harley-Davidson dealership in Memphis and Kirstie Bennard is a respiratory therapist at Regional One Health. The couple had been married for five years and lived in a five-bedroom, $360,000 house in Millington. They had posted several pictures of their children and their dogs on social media, showing a happy and loving family. Colby Bennard had referred to the pit bulls as “house lions” in a Facebook post eight years ago, while talking to his wife. It is not clear if those were the same dogs that attacked on Wednesday.

How Did the Community React to the Tragedy?

The tragic incident shocked and saddened the community, especially those who knew the family. Many people expressed their condolences and prayers for the survivors on social media and offered their support and help. Some people also questioned the safety and responsibility of owning pit bulls, which are known to be a controversial breed of dogs. Pit bulls have been involved in several fatal attacks on humans and animals in the past, and some states and countries have banned or restricted them. However, some pit bull owners and advocates argue that the breed is not inherently dangerous and that the behavior of the dogs depends on how they are raised and trained.

What Can We Learn from This Incident?

The josh wiley dog attack is a tragic and heartbreaking story that reminds us of the unpredictability and potential danger of dogs, especially pit bulls. While dogs can be loyal and loving companions, they can also be aggressive and violent, sometimes without warning or provocation. Therefore, dog owners should be careful and responsible when choosing and keeping a dog, and should ensure that their dogs are well-socialized, trained, and supervised. Dog owners should also be aware of the laws and regulations regarding dog ownership and liability in their area, and should follow them accordingly. Furthermore, dog owners should be respectful and considerate of other people and animals, and should not expose them to any risk or harm from their dogs.