Juliana Canfield Parents: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Juliana Canfield is a rising star in the Hollywood industry, best known for her roles as Jess Jordan in the HBO series Succession and Beth DeVille in the FX series Y: The Last Man. But who are her parents and what do they do? Here is what we know about Juliana Canfield’s family background and personal life.

Mother: Danielle Parris

Juliana Canfield’s mother is Danielle Parris, a writer and editor who has worked for various publications and organizations, such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and the United Nations. According to Wikipedia, Danielle Parris graduated from Yale University with a BA in English and later earned a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University. She is also a Fulbright scholar and a recipient of the National Magazine Award.

Danielle Parris is very supportive of her daughter’s career and often shares her achievements and praises on social media. She also accompanies Juliana to various events and premieres, such as the Bal des Débutantes in 2013, where Juliana made her debut as a socialite.

Father: Unknown

Juliana Canfield has not revealed much information about her father, except that he is a lawyer. She has not shared his name, photo, or any other details about him. It is not clear if he is still married to Danielle Parris or if they are divorced or separated. Juliana has also not mentioned if she has any siblings or not.

Grandfather: Cass Canfield

Juliana Canfield’s grandfather was Cass Canfield, a prominent book publisher who was the chairman of Harper & Row (now HarperCollins) for over 40 years. He was responsible for publishing many famous authors, such as John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, E.B. White, and Harper Lee. He also wrote several books of his own, such as The Publishing Experience and Up and Down and Around: A Publisher Recollects the Time of His Life.

Cass Canfield died in 1986 at the age of 88. He was survived by his wife, Helen Canfield, and his six children, including Danielle Parris. He was also the grandfather of 16 grandchildren, including Juliana Canfield.


Juliana Canfield is a talented actress who comes from a well-educated and accomplished family. Her mother is a writer and editor, her grandfather was a book publisher, and her father is a lawyer. She has inherited their passion for literature and arts, as well as their intelligence and charisma. She is also close to her mother and grandmother, who have been her role models and supporters throughout her life. Juliana Canfield is a proud member of her family and a rising star in her own right.