Mercedes Schlapp Teeth: The Truth Behind the Rumors

Mercedes Schlapp is a well-known communications strategist and political commentator who has served in two presidential administrations. She is also the co-founder of Cove Strategies, a media strategy and lobbying firm. She is married to Matt Schlapp, the chair of the American Conservative Union, and they have five daughters

But recently, some people have been wondering about her appearance, especially her eyes and teeth. Some have speculated that she had an accident that caused her injuries, while others have suggested that she had cosmetic surgery or botox So, what is the truth behind the rumors about Mercedes Schlapp’s teeth?

No Evidence of an Accident

There is no official information available about any accident that Mercedes Schlapp might have been involved in that damaged her teeth and eyes. There is also no evidence in the photos that she has any visible injuries or scars2 Therefore, this claim seems to be false.

Possible Cosmetic Procedures

Some people have noticed that Mercedes Schlapp’s smile looks different from what it used to be. They have pointed out that her mouth seems to be crooked or lopsided, and that her teeth look uneven or misaligned. Some have also commented that her eyes look more lifted or tightened, and that her face looks smoother or younger

These observations have led some to believe that she had some cosmetic procedures done, such as an eye lift, botox injections, or dental work. However, Mercedes Schlapp or anyone close to her has not confirmed or denied these allegations. Therefore, this claim is also unverified.

A Natural Smile

Another possible explanation for Mercedes Schlapp’s smile is that it is simply natural. Some people are born with asymmetrical or lopsided smiles, which can be caused by genetic factors, facial muscles, or nerve damage .These smiles are not indicative of any health problems or accidents, and they can be charming or unique.

For example, actress Katie Holmes has a naturally lopsided smile, which she has embraced and defended. She said, “I can’t help it — I was born with it. It looks as if I am smirking. I have had my publicist tell me, ‘Don’t do that smile on the red carpet.’ I’m, like, ‘That’s my smile.’”

Therefore, it is possible that Mercedes Schlapp’s smile is also natural, and that she is not bothered by it or trying to change it.


Mercedes Schlapp is a successful and influential woman who has a lot of achievements and responsibilities. Her appearance, especially her teeth, has been the subject of some rumors and speculations, but there is no conclusive evidence to support or refute them. Therefore, it is best to respect her privacy and focus on her work and contributions, rather than her smile.