Rex Ryan Teeth Before and After: How He Achieved a Dazzling Smile

Rex Ryan is a former American football coach and analyst who is known for his achievements in the National Football League. He has coached teams such as the New York Jets, the Buffalo Bills, and the Baltimore Ravens. However, in recent years, he has also gained attention for his remarkable dental and weight transformation. Rex Ryan’s teeth before and after have undergone a drastic change, making him look younger and more confident. How did he manage to achieve such a stunning smile? Let’s find out.

Rex Ryan’s Tobacco Addiction and Its Effects on His Teeth

One of the main reasons behind Rex Ryan’s teeth before and after being so different was his longtime addiction to tobacco. Rex Ryan was a fan of chewing tobacco, which had a significant impact on his dental health and appearance. According to Healthline, chewing tobacco can cause various oral problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, oral cancer, and bad breath. It can also stain the teeth and make them look yellow and dull.

Rex Ryan’s teeth before and after clearly show the effects of his tobacco addiction. His teeth were heavily stained and discolored, which contrasted with his charisma and personality. He admitted that he was not happy with his smile and wanted to improve it. He also said that he quit chewing tobacco in 2011, which was a big step towards improving his oral health.

Rex Ryan’s Teeth Whitening Procedure and Its Results

In order to transform his smile and appearance, Rex Ryan decided to undergo a teeth whitening procedure. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that aims to lighten the color of the teeth and remove stains and discoloration. There are different methods of teeth whitening, such as bleaching, laser, or using whitening strips or trays. According to Heal How, Rex Ryan underwent a dental procedure that involved the use of porcelain veneers, which are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front surface of the teeth to improve their shape, size, color, and alignment.

The results of Rex Ryan’s teeth whitening procedure were remarkable. His teeth became much whiter and brighter than before, giving him a dazzling smile. He also said that he felt more confident and self-assured after the procedure. He showcased his new smile with pride and received many compliments from his friends, family, and fans. He also joked that his teeth were so white that they could blind people.

Rex Ryan’s Weight Loss Transformation and Its Effects on His Smile

Another factor that contributed to Rex Ryan’s teeth before and after being so different was his weight loss transformation. Rex Ryan struggled with obesity for a long time and weighed around 348 pounds at his heaviest. He tried various diets and exercises, but none of them worked for him. He then decided to undergo lap-band surgery, which is a type of bariatric surgery that involves placing an adjustable band around the upper part of the stomach to reduce its size and limit the amount of food intake.

Rex Ryan’s weight loss transformation was impressive. He lost more than 100 pounds in two years and reached his ideal weight. He also removed the lap band in 2016, saying that he did not need it anymore. His weight loss made his facial features appear smaller and his teeth look more prominent. He also said that he felt healthier and happier after losing weight.

Rex Ryan’s Dental and Weight Transformation: A Success Story

Rex Ryan’s teeth before and after show how much he has changed over the years. He has gone from having stained and dull teeth to having a bright and beautiful smile. He has also gone from being obese and unhealthy to being fit and energetic. He has overcome his challenges with tobacco addiction, dyslexia, and hernia, and has achieved success in his coaching career and personal life. He has become a role model for many people who want to improve their appearance and well-being. Rex Ryan’s dental and weight transformation is a success story that inspires and motivates others.