Video Game Beginners NYT: How to Start Playing and Enjoying Games

Video games are a popular form of entertainment that can offer many benefits, such as improving cognitive skills, enhancing creativity, and reducing stress. However, for some people, video games can seem intimidating or confusing, especially if they have never played them before. If you are one of those people, don’t worry. This article will guide you through the basics of video games and help you start playing and enjoying them.

What are video games?

Video games are interactive digital media that allow you to control a character, an object, or a system in a simulated environment. You can play video games on various devices, such as computers, consoles, handhelds, smartphones, or tablets. Video games can have different genres, such as action, adventure, puzzle, role-playing, simulation, sports, strategy, or trivia. Video games can also have different modes, such as single-player, multiplayer, online, or offline.

How to choose a video game?

Choosing a video game can depend on your personal preferences, interests, and goals. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to narrow down your options:

  • What kind of device do you have or want to use? Different devices have different capabilities and availability of games. For example, if you have a PC, you can access a wide range of games from various platforms, such as Steam, Epic Games Store, or GOG. If you have a console, such as PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, you can play games that are exclusive to that console or compatible with it. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can download games from the app store or the web browser.
  • What kind of genre do you like or want to try? Different genres have different gameplay, mechanics, and themes. For example, if you like action, you can play games that involve fighting, shooting, or racing. If you like adventure, you can play games that involve exploring, solving puzzles, or interacting with characters. If you like puzzle, you can play games that involve logic, strategy, or creativity.
  • What kind of mode do you prefer or want to experience? Different modes have different levels of interaction, challenge, and socialization. For example, if you prefer single-player, you can play games that focus on your own story, progress, and achievements. If you prefer multiplayer, you can play games that allow you to cooperate or compete with other players, either online or offline. If you prefer online, you can play games that require an internet connection and offer features such as chat, voice, or video communication. If you prefer offline, you can play games that do not require an internet connection and can be played anytime and anywhere.

How to learn a video game?

Learning a video game can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be challenging and frustrating at times. Here are some tips to help you learn a video game effectively and enjoyably:

  • Start with the tutorial. Most video games have a tutorial or a training mode that teaches you the basic controls, rules, and objectives of the game. Pay attention to the instructions and practice the skills until you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Adjust the settings. Most video games have settings that allow you to customize your experience, such as the difficulty level, the graphics quality, the sound volume, or the subtitles. Adjust the settings to suit your preferences and needs. For example, if you find the game too easy or too hard, you can change the difficulty level to make it more balanced. If you have trouble seeing or hearing the game, you can change the graphics quality or the sound volume to make it more clear. If you have trouble understanding the game, you can turn on the subtitles or the language option to make it more accessible.
  • Seek help. Most video games have help or support features that can assist you when you encounter problems or questions. For example, you can access the menu, the pause, or the options button to find the help or support option. You can also consult the manual, the guide, or the FAQ section of the game or the platform. Additionally, you can seek help from other sources, such as the internet, the community, or the friends. For example, you can search the web for tips, tricks, or walkthroughs of the game. You can join the forums, the groups, or the chats of the game or the platform to interact with other players and ask for advice. You can also invite your friends to play with you or watch you play and give you feedback.

How to enjoy a video game?

Enjoying a video game can depend on your personal attitude, mood, and motivation. Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy a video game more:

  • Have fun. The main purpose of playing video games is to have fun. Don’t take the game too seriously or too personally. Don’t let the game affect your emotions or your self-esteem. Don’t compare yourself to other players or to unrealistic standards. Don’t force yourself to play a game that you don’t like or that makes you unhappy. Instead, play the game for your own enjoyment and satisfaction. Play the game at your own pace and style. Play the game that you like or that makes you happy.
  • Be curious. One of the best ways to enjoy video games is to be curious and explore the game world. Video games can offer you many opportunities to discover new things, such as the story, the characters, the environment, the items, or the secrets. Be open-minded and adventurous. Try different things and see what happens. Experiment with different strategies and tactics. Learn from your mistakes and failures. Be creative and imaginative. Make your own goals and challenges. Make your own stories and memories.
  • Be social. Another way to enjoy video games is to be social and connect with other players. Video games can offer you many ways to communicate and cooperate with other players, such as the chat, the voice, or the video features. Be friendly and respectful. Compliment and encourage other players. Share your experiences and opinions. Ask for and offer help. Join or create a team or a clan. Participate in or organize events or activities. Make new friends or strengthen existing relationships.


Video games are a great way to have fun, learn, and socialize. However, if you are new to video games, you may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the variety and complexity of video games. This article has provided you with some basic information and tips on how to start playing and enjoying video games. Remember, video games are meant to be fun, so don’t be afraid to try new things, ask for help, and have a good time. Happy gaming!