What Happened to Sharkeisha After the Fight? The Shocking Truth Behind the Viral Video

The Video That Made Her Famous

In November 2013, a video of a young woman named Sharkeisha brutally attacking another girl named ShaMichael Manuel went viral on the internet. The video, which was originally posted on Instagram, showed Sharkeisha sucker-punching ShaMichael in the face and kicking her in the chest while she was on the ground. The video quickly spread on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, sparking various reactions from the viewers. Some people found the video funny and made jokes and memes about Sharkeisha’s name and actions, while others condemned the violence and expressed sympathy for ShaMichael.

The video also caught the attention of the mainstream media, which reported on the incident and its aftermath. According to KHOU-TV , the fight took place at an apartment complex in Houston, Texas, where ShaMichael had gone to pick up some of her belongings from Sharkeisha, who was supposed to be her close friend. ShaMichael said that Sharkeisha was angry with her over a boy they both liked, and that she had no idea that Sharkeisha was going to attack her. ShaMichael suffered a black eye, a busted lip, and trouble seeing out of her eye as a result of the assault. She also said that she felt humiliated and embarrassed by the video, which haunted her for a long time.

The Legal Consequences of the Attack

The video also prompted the authorities to take action against Sharkeisha. According to the Daily Mail , Sharkeisha was arrested and charged with assault with bodily injury, a misdemeanor offense that carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. Sharkeisha was released on a $500 bail and ordered to stay away from ShaMichael. Sharkeisha’s mother, Lakisha Thompson, told the Daily Mail that her daughter was remorseful for what she did and that she was not a bad person. She also said that Sharkeisha had been bullied in the past and that she had anger issues.

ShaMichael’s mother, Olevia Henderson, said that she wanted Sharkeisha to face justice and that she wanted the video to be taken down from the internet. She said that the video was hurting and crushing her daughter, who was taunted and mocked by people online. She also said that she contacted the school’s assistant principal about the fight, but was told that there was nothing they could do since the fight did not happen on school grounds.

The Current Status of Sharkeisha and ShaMichael

Since the video went viral, Sharkeisha and ShaMichael have tried to move on with their lives. Sharkeisha became secretive on social media following her arrest, probably to avoid the negative publicity and backlash. However, some reports claim that she is now living in New York and working as an Instagram model. MTO News posted some photos of a woman who they claim to be Sharkeisha, but did not provide her social media handle. There have also been some false rumors that Sharkeisha died in a hit and run or a drive-by shooting, but these have been debunked.

ShaMichael, on the other hand, has been more open about her experience and how she overcame it. She graduated from high school in 2015 and enrolled in college, where she studied criminal justice. She also became an advocate for anti-bullying and spoke at various events and schools about her story. She said that she forgave Sharkeisha and that she wanted to use her voice to help others who have been bullied or assaulted. She also said that she was proud of herself for not letting the video define her or stop her from achieving her goals.

The Lessons Learned from the Viral Video

The video of Sharkeisha and ShaMichael is an example of how the internet can amplify and glorify violence, especially among young people. The video also shows how the internet can be a source of trauma and harassment for the victims of such violence, who have to deal with the constant exposure and ridicule of their ordeal. The video also raises questions about the role and responsibility of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, in moderating and removing such content, as well as the role and responsibility of the users, who can either share or report such content.

The video also serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy, compassion, and respect for others, especially for those who are different or who have different opinions. The video also highlights the need for education and awareness on the issues of bullying, violence, and mental health, especially among young people. The video also demonstrates the power of forgiveness, resilience, and positivity, as shown by ShaMichael, who managed to overcome her trauma and turn it into a source of inspiration and empowerment for herself and others.