Where is Linda Opdycke Today? The Daughter of a Multimillionaire and the Ex-Wife of a Murdered Dog Trainer

Linda Opdycke is a woman who has been involved in a tragic and controversial story that involves her ex-husband, Mark Stover, a famous dog trainer who was killed by her boyfriend, Michael Oakes, in 2009. Where is she today and what has happened to her since then? Here is what we know.

Linda Opdycke’s Background and Marriage to Mark Stover

Linda Opdycke is the daughter of Wally Opdycke, a multimillionaire who once co-owned Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery and K2 Ski Corporation. She met Mark Stover, a dog trainer who worked with celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Streisand, in the early 1990s, when she needed help in training her dog. They started dating a few months later and opened a business called Dog Adventures on Kiket Island, a private island owned by Linda’s family.

After being together for 11 years, they decided to get married in 2004. However, their marriage was not a peaceful one. According to Linda, Mark was constantly in rage, often rude to people, threatening them with guns (he had lots of guns; being a gun collector), and was often money-obsessed. She filed for divorce in 2005, claiming that the marriage was unbearable for her. Mark, however, refused to hire a lawyer and saw the divorce as a declaration of war on Linda’s part. He harassed her through mails, calls, and even showed up armed and uninvited in her home. He was eventually arrested and a restraining order was issued against him in 2008.

Linda Opdycke’s Relationship with Michael Oakes and the Murder of Mark Stover

Linda Opdycke met Michael Oakes, a former Boeing engineer and a self-proclaimed spy, in 2007, through an online dating site. They fell in love and moved in together in a house in Anacortes, Washington. Oakes claimed that he was a former CIA agent and that he had connections with the FBI and the NSA. He also said that he was an expert in surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques.

Oakes became obsessed with protecting Linda from Mark, who he believed was a dangerous and violent man. He installed cameras, alarms, and motion sensors in their house and monitored Mark’s movements and activities. He also bought a gun and a silencer and practiced shooting in his backyard.

On October 28, 2009, Oakes followed Mark from his home on Kiket Island to his dog training facility in Burlington, Washington. He confronted Mark in the parking lot and shot him four times in the chest and head. He then wrapped his body in a tarp and drove away. He dumped the body in a remote area near Concrete, Washington, and burned his clothes and the tarp. He also threw the gun and the silencer into a lake.

Oakes returned to Linda and told her what he had done. He said that he had killed Mark in self-defense and that he had saved her life. Linda was shocked and scared, but she did not report the crime to the police. She also helped Oakes clean his car and get rid of some evidence.

The Arrest and Trial of Michael Oakes and the Involvement of Linda Opdycke

Mark Stover’s disappearance was reported by his friends and family, who suspected foul play. The police launched an investigation and soon discovered Oakes’ involvement in the murder. They found traces of Mark’s blood in Oakes’ car and recovered the gun and the silencer from the lake. They also found Oakes’ surveillance equipment and recordings of Mark’s activities.

Oakes was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. He pleaded not guilty and claimed that he acted in self-defense. He said that Mark had threatened him and Linda and that he had a knife in his hand when he approached him. He also said that he did not intend to kill Mark, but only to scare him away.

Linda Opdycke was also questioned by the police and the prosecutors. She admitted that she knew about Oakes’ plan to confront Mark and that she helped him cover up the crime. She said that she was afraid of Mark and that she trusted Oakes. She also said that she loved Oakes and that he was her soulmate.

Linda Opdycke was granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for her testimony against Oakes. She agreed to cooperate with the authorities and to tell the truth in court. She also agreed to forfeit her share of Mark’s estate, which was worth about $12 million.

The trial of Michael Oakes began in May 2010 and lasted for three weeks. The jury heard the testimonies of Linda Opdycke, the police, the forensic experts, and the witnesses. They also saw the evidence, including the surveillance videos, the photos of the crime scene, and the autopsy report. The defense tried to portray Mark as a violent and abusive man who deserved to die. The prosecution argued that Oakes was a cold-blooded killer who planned and executed the murder of an unarmed man.

The jury deliberated for two days and found Oakes guilty of first-degree murder. He was sentenced to 26 years and six months in prison. He appealed his conviction, but it was upheld by the Washington Supreme Court in 2013.

Where is Linda Opdycke Today?

Linda Opdycke has kept a low profile since the trial of Michael Oakes. She has not given any interviews or made any public statements. She has also changed her name and moved to a different location. According to some sources, she is still in contact with Oakes and visits him in prison. She is also said to be working as a dog trainer and a yoga instructor.

Linda Opdycke has not remarried or had any children. She is still the daughter of Wally Opdycke, who is still alive and wealthy. She is also the sister of two brothers, who are also successful businessmen. She is estimated to have a net worth of about $5 million, according to sitename.