Where is Sharkeisha now 2022? The truth behind the viral video star

Sharkeisha is a name that became famous in 2013, when a video of her brutally punching another girl in the face went viral on social media. The video sparked a lot of reactions, from outrage and condemnation to jokes and memes. But what happened to Sharkeisha after the video? Where is she now in 2022? Here is what we know.

The origin of the Sharkeisha video

The video of Sharkeisha assaulting her former friend ShaMichael Manuel was recorded and uploaded to Instagram by another girl, who later claimed that she did not intend to share it with the world. The video was quickly removed from Instagram for violating the terms of service, but not before it was copied and reposted on other platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and World Star Hip Hop. According to Know Your Meme , the video was viewed more than 3.8 million times on World Star Hip Hop in a matter of hours.

The video showed Sharkeisha and ShaMichael having an argument, allegedly over a boy they both liked, before Sharkeisha suddenly punched ShaMichael in the face, knocking her to the ground. Sharkeisha then continued to hit and kick ShaMichael, who tried to defend herself, while the person recording the video and other bystanders cheered and laughed. The video ended with Sharkeisha walking away, leaving ShaMichael on the floor.

The aftermath of the Sharkeisha video

The video caused a lot of controversy and criticism, as many people denounced the violence and bullying that Sharkeisha displayed. ShaMichael suffered a black eye, a busted lip, and emotional trauma from the attack. She told KHOU-TV that she was shocked and hurt by Sharkeisha’s betrayal, as they used to be close friends. She also said that she feared that the video would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Sharkeisha was arrested and charged with assault, and was later released on bail. She also faced a lot of backlash and hate from the public, who called her names and wished her harm. However, some people also praised and admired Sharkeisha for her strength and fierceness, and made her a meme star. The name Sharkeisha became a trending topic on Twitter, and inspired a lot of photoshopped parodies, jokes, and puns involving sharks, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and Sharknado.

Where is Sharkeisha now 2022?

Sharkeisha has been very secretive and low-key on social media since the video, probably to avoid the negative attention and publicity that came with it. She deleted her original Instagram account, and created a new one, where she posts selfies and videos of herself dancing and singing. She also has a Twitter account, where she occasionally tweets, but only to users approved by her. She does not reveal much about her personal life, but according to MTO New , she lives in New York and is an Instagram model.

Sharkeisha has also been the subject of several false rumors and hoaxes, claiming that she died in various ways, such as a hit and run, a drive-by shooting, or a shark attack. However, these rumors have been debunked, and Sharkeisha is still alive and well. She seems to have moved on from the video, and does not mention it or acknowledge it on her social media accounts.

Sharkeisha is a name that will always be associated with a violent and shocking video, but she is also a person who has a life beyond that. Whether she regrets or embraces her fame, she has chosen to keep it private and low-key. Where is Sharkeisha now 2022? She is living her life, and trying to stay out of trouble.