5 Practical Methods to Find out Who Called Me

We are living in the 22nd century and facing advancement in every field of life. With the advancement, we have also seen that the disadvantages also appear on the screen. We are becoming more vulnerable to the challenges emerging in the present era. 

Scammers, frauds, and hackers are creating a threatening environment for the innocent public by harassment calls, emails and messages. The best solution in such situations is to contact the police and report about such harassers but this process is quite long and time taking.

In a pathetic situation, in which a person is continuously facing unknown calls then the first question is who called me from this number. A person can gain assistance from different lookup services to get information about the unknown person.

The top 5 practical methods that are used to find out who call us are written below:


TruePeopleSearch is considered an important lookup service present on the internet. A person can easily get all the information about the unknown number for free in a few seconds. Not only the information, rather a complete record of the suspected person appears in front of the user.

The information that is provided by the TruePeopleSearch contains age, education, social media accounts, personal picture, birthday, or even minute information about the unknown caller. It is the best solution to find out the criminal if you are facing any threatening or scamming calls from unknown numbers. 

It’s a well-known website which works for the betterment of society for a very long time. People are very concerned about lookup services because of privacy issues but TruePeopleSearch is a credible lookup service. It is the best solution of how to find someone free of charge.


The steps that are needed to follow to find out who called me from this number using the TruePeopleSearch lookup service are explained here:

  • Step 1

Select the phone lookup service option present on the main screen. Enter the unknown phone number in the search box.

  • Step 2

Select the option of ‘start search’ and you will see different profiles with the relevant data. Select the ‘access report’ option beside the profile of the suspected person.

  • Step 3

A person needs to enter email and the initial requirements to get access. At last, select the option of ‘view my report’ to read every minute of information about the person. 


Each lookup service has its importance and specifications but TruePeopleSearch is top of the list. The important specifications that make TruePeopleSearch different from others are explained here:

  • Universal

People like to know about different aspects of a person’s life. TruePeopleSearch provides all the information including the basic as well as the specific one in just a few minutes. The information contains names along with the age, gender, and recent address of the person.

  • Privacy Policies

The privacy policy of TruePeopleSearch is well known as it won’t sell personal information to third parties. It keeps the data of user privacy and ensures no one is going to use the information for harassment and other purposes.

  • Efficiency

TruePeopleSearch is a free and fast tool present on the internet. All the information is provided to the user without any cost or we can say that not even the registration or sign-in fee is required to pay.

  • Search Quality

The searching quality of this tool is so amazing that a user can not only gain information about the specific person but other people related to it. It also includes information about relatives, email addresses, and close friends.

  • Phone and AddressSearch

If a person is threatening you or calling you again and again to harass the other person. We can say that any sort of information that a person needs to know by using the phone number or email address of the other person can be done by this tool.

2. CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a compatible and trustworthy lookup service that is mostly used as a call and address provider. This service can also be used to suspect a person who seems to be suspicious. 

In the present world, we need to interact with different people even when we are completely unknown to each other. In such situations, it is always encouraged to check the credibility of the other person by using CocoFinder so that you may feel relaxed and comfortable. 

3. NumLooker

NumLooker is a phone number lookup service that is quite reliable by using data. It is considered a credible tool to know about scams and fraud calls. It is quite well known for the tracking of unknown and suspected people working in a private firm or company. 

It’s a free and online service that works without any paid charges as a person just needs to sign up to get the services. The signup method is paid but the method after it would be completely easy and free. The friendly interface of Numlooker is a reason for its popularity as you can search phone numbers as well as landlines through it.

4. SearchPeopleFree

It is one of the reverse phone number lookup services present on the internet. A person can easily judge from the name that the service is free but the information is authentic. A person can get even minute information about an unknown phone number by using SearchPeopleFree.

This service provides the data of almost 700 million unknown people as the database of this service is very large. It is important to mention that all the information related to court records, criminal records, sex offenders, arrest records, etc can be gained through this service. 

5. RealPeopleSearch

RealPeopleSearch is the easiest service to use for getting information about a specific person. It is free of cost as a user doesn’t need to pay even for the signup or any other service. 

All the information related to the address, background information, or any other personal information about the suspected person would become visible on the screen. The only thing that a person needs to do is to head towards the website and enjoy all the free services provided for the user.

Wrapping Up

It becomes very important for a person to find out who called me from this number in different situations. In meetings, conferences, or during class a person may get a call from an unknown number, or a person may face continuous calling from a specific number from time to time. 

It is encouraged to use lookup services that are highly recommended by the experts to have a helping hand. 5 best lookup services present on the Internet are listed above in which TruePeopleSearch is top of the list. A complete guideline about the importance of lookup services is explained in detail.

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