FM WhatsApp Download APK (Official)

FM WhatsApp apk download has been serving in the form of the modified version of the WhatsApp that has been developed by Foud apps. The developer has brought this new version with lots of features in the app missing in the regular version of WhatsApp. Though FM WhatsApp is not available on the Google Play Store, you can download it from the third-party website. In this article, you will come to know about FM WhatsApp and some of its aspects.

What is the reason that you should choose FM WhatsApp over normal WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp comes with new privacy options that will make it easier to hide the last connection time. The extra security options are also available for blocking access to the app and the conversations with the help of the patterns or the PIN. There is a possibility for using the two WhatsApp accounts at the same time on the same device. In addition to that, there are over 4000 different visual themes that will be created by the community for the modification of the interface. 

It can ensure increasing the maximum size of the files that can be sent with the help of the application; in addition to that, there is a possibility for sending the images in high quality without any compression. What makes it unique is that it comes with the new emoji packs used in conversations. The major function is communicating with the contacts on the list using WhatsApp or the other clients. You can also get connected with contacts with the help of text messages or calls.

The distinctive features of the FM WhatsApp Mod app make it completely different from the rest

Here you will come to know regarding the top features of the FM WhatsApp app that makes it impressive and will surely impress you as well:

  • Call filter or blocker

The FM WhatsApp comes with the filter referred to as the Call Blocker Filter. It will help in the avoidance of unwanted calls from unknown numbers. You might have noticed that you are getting calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp. There are scenarios when you’re getting an unnecessary call when doing some work. FM WhatsApp will be helping you and restricting who can call you on WhatsApp. The feature also helps in picking some of the contacts who you can set as the only saved contacts. You can set a call filter in case you’re bored with chatting with people on WhatsApp. You will get the opportunity for filtering out the contacts from this option.

  • Themes Store

The FM WhatsApp version will be giving you the availability of 1000 of the cool themes that will be available. The change in colors and the various sections of WhatsApp ensures improvement of the User experience. You can also just go ahead with importing the external themes with the help of the XML files.

  • Media sharing

Though WhatsApp is getting better day by day, there are still certain limitations. This is the reason why you should pick FM WhatsApp. It will be stretching the limit of the media sending size up to around 700 MB. You can also go with sending many more files in a format including APK, doc, and more.

  • Anti Delete messages

In case you don’t want to allow others to delete the chat with you, then you can try FM WhatsApp. What makes it favorable is that FM WhatsApp offers exclusively Anti delete features with every chat. After enabling the option, the person won’t get the opportunity for deleting the sent messages with you. Even if they are pressing the delete for everyone, you will be getting the option of seeing them side by side.

  • App launcher alongside notification icon

When you are bored with the default WhatsApp launcher icon, it’s worth trying the FM WhatsApp because it comes with a bunch of app launcher icons with different colors and style icons. It is similar to the case with the notification icons. Go ahead with picking any available theme notification icons that will help in changing the look within a fraction of seconds.

  • Colors and customizations

The color and the customization features serve as one of the main reasons people are looking forward to the various WhatsApp mods. FM WhatsApp mods will ensure you give you the ability to change the colors of the WhatsApp background, status bar, navigation bar, and more. There are other customization options, including the chat screens backgrounds, line breaks, and more.

Final words

WhatsApp mods are loaded with advanced features, especially FM WhatsApp. It changes the way the user uses and feels WhatsApp. Try FM WhatsApp and enjoy the range of cool features like never before.

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