Top Reasons To Go For Azure Certifications For Your Career

Cloud Computing technology has taken off with a great start. The growth of Cloud Computing has accelerated in the past two years because of the ongoing pandemic. The entire world was forced to rethink its strategies, policies, and procedures. Those who took an effective decision to adopt Cloud Computing were served with huge benefits. And others had to play the catch up after dwindling growth because of persistent lockdowns and pandemic after-effects. 

Oracle predicted that by 2025, 80% of all enterprise workloads will move to the cloud infrastructure. With Cloud Computing, anyone can access files from anywhere in the world with just internet access. The biggest advantage that companies cite is cost-effectiveness and ease of access. 

Today, Cloud Computing is one of the major industries, catering to huge customer demands, offering thousands of job opportunities, and generating billions in dollars. Key players in the industry include AWS (Amazon Web Services) from Amazon, Azure from Microsoft, GCP (Google Cloud Platform) from Google, Oracle Cloud, etc. Aiming for an Azure cert? Check out this industry-renowned Azure course

To pursue a highly rewarding career in the Cloud Computing industry, a professional needs to acquire role-based certifications from a cloud service provider. Microsoft Azure is one of the biggest cloud service providers in the world, offering key role-based certifications for professionals who are passionate enough to deliver a positive impact through their work. Due to the heavy demand for Azure cloud and its services, there is a huge demand for Azure certified professionals globally. 

We will be discussing the top reasons to go for Azure certifications for your career: 

Career flexibility:

It’s one of the top reasons to go for Azure certifications. These role-based certifications offer career flexibility. These Microsoft Azure certifications help you earn roles like Cloud Developer, Cloud Admin, Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Developer, Data Engineer, Security Engineer, AI Engineer, etc. Azure offers nine role-based certs which will help you increase the versatility in your career and the industry you are working in. 

Azure certifications help you in managing, developing, or implementing different cloud services in various domains and industries like banking, government, healthcare, finance, insurance, etc. With these certifications, you can work in different companies operating from different locations around the world. 

Higher Salaries: 

The next big reason to become an Azure certified professional is the high salary. Each certification is a validation of your skill sets. You could earn better salary packages with each certification which validates your technical skill sets. With increasing demand each year, you could earn better compensation. Cloud domain is known for better pay packages. 

If we take the stats presented by ZipRecruiter, the average salary of an Azure Developer in the USA is USD 138,264 annually. Azure Solutions Architect will earn USD 152,094 on average annually. These salary figures change with regions and companies working with. According to a report, the average salary of a Microsoft Azure certified professional starts from USD 40K and can go upward of USD 172,000. 

Structured Learning:

Microsoft offers a structured learning path that allows you to learn various tools with ease. Many common tools such as Hadoop, Eclipse, GitHub, etc., are easy to learn and help candidates easily adapt to the Azure platform.

Freshers can improve their skill sets in Azure and grip over Azure platforms by focusing on structured, concise learning. Any aspirant can learn essential concepts through various available resources like ebooks, courses, tutorials, etc. 

Progressive career development:

Azure is a major player in the cloud domain today. With its range of role-based certifications, you can ensure professional career development and market recognition. With an increasing demand for Azure certified professionals, acquiring these certifications helps you land bigger, better opportunities. 


It takes a great level of commitment in completing a Microsoft Azure certification learning curve. You must improve your capabilities and invest more time to learn. Acquiring these certifications helps you in earning a significant credential. Being a Microsoft Azure-certified professional shows your dedication, commitment, and other qualifications which are significant in the eyes of your potential employers. Managers and senior professionals admire these qualities in a professional and help in developing a highly successful career in the long run. Having these skills will help you earn any certification and bag better jobs with ease. 

Improve DevOps skills:

DevOps is one of the leading technologies driving the software development domain in today’s IT sector. Acquiring DevOps skills is a great way to broaden your exposure within the IT sector. DevOps is a joint of Development and Operations aspect of software development, which will help in developing software much faster when compared to the traditional form of developing software. Developing software through DevOps ensures quick delivery time, faster development, fewer errors will creep in, applications will be capable of handling unexpected demands or situations. 

With proper DevOps skills at your hand, you can deliver cloud services and implement strategies to develop applications, automate the process, monitor the cloud environment, and offer continuous delivery. 

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