Linda Heidt Obituary: A Tragic Tale of Family Betrayal and Murder

Linda Heidt was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother who survived a horrific attack that claimed the lives of her husband and son in 2008. She was shot in the face by an intruder who also killed her husband, Philip Heidt, and her youngest son, Carey Heidt, in their home in Springfield, Georgia. The assailant also tried to set the house on fire, but Linda managed to call 911 and alert the authorities. She spent four weeks in a coma and underwent several surgeries to reconstruct her face.


The Shocking Twist

Linda’s nightmare did not end there. She was shocked to learn that the prime suspect in the murder case was her own son, Craig Heidt, who had an affair with Carey’s wife, Robin. The prosecution alleged that Craig was motivated by greed and jealousy, and that he wanted to inherit his father’s fortune and continue his relationship with Robin. Craig was arrested and charged with two counts of murder, one count of aggravated assault, and one count of arson.

The Trial and Verdict

Craig Heidt maintained his innocence throughout the trial, which lasted for two weeks in 2010. He claimed that he had nothing to do with the killings, and that he loved his family. He also said that his affair with Robin was consensual and that Carey knew about it. He suggested that the real killer was someone else who had a grudge against his father, who was a successful real estate developer.

Linda Heidt testified in her son’s defense, saying that she did not see the intruder and that she could not identify him. She also said that she believed in Craig’s innocence and that she would never protect him if she had any doubts. She expressed her love and support for her son, despite the affair and the accusations.

However, the jury did not buy Craig’s story. They found him guilty on all charges and sentenced him to life in prison without parole. Linda was devastated by the verdict and said that she lost three sons that day.

The Aftermath

Linda Heidt has been living a quiet life in Georgia since the trial. She has not spoken to the media much, except for an interview with CBS’ ‘48 Hours Mystery’ in 2012, where she reiterated her belief in Craig’s innocence. She said that she knows her son and that he is not capable of such a heinous crime. She also said that she still loves him and hopes that he will be exonerated someday.

Linda has also been trying to cope with the loss of her husband and son, who were buried together in a single grave. She said that they were her soulmates and that she misses them every day. She said that she finds comfort in her faith and in her grandchildren, who are the only reason she keeps going.

Linda Heidt’s story is a tragic one, full of family betrayal and murder. She has endured unimaginable pain and suffering, but she has also shown remarkable strength and resilience. She is a survivor who refuses to give up on her son and on her hope for justice.

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