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VIVO IPL 10 (2017) Patch For Cricket 07

Sachin Khanna



Are you looking for VIVO IPL 10 patch for cricket 07 then you are at the right place? You can download this patch for ea sports cricket 07 to give it a whole new look.

This is an HQ patch and gives a great look to your IPL PC game. By downloading this patch, you will get great textures. This Vivo 2017 IPL 10 patches have the new overlay, logos, kits, teams, fixtures, gfx set, led stumps and bails, etc.

We take care of all the things which are users want. So, we will also post this patch in small portions for those who have a slow connection or can’t download the big patch.

Update: This patch will be releasing on 25/May/2017 So, bookmark us by pressing Ctrl+D from your keyboard.
This Patch has been released!!!!!!

In this IPL 10 patch for cricket 07, you will see real cricketing tactics used by players and they will field with more accuracy and speed.

Features OF This Patch:

1. All the players have their first faces just like real one.
2. All the players use their original bats which they use in real.
3. They will bat, ball and field with more accuracy.
4. The roster is new, and all players have their original names with their original T-Shirts numbers.
5. The fixtures are genuine, and you will play matches like real.
6. There will be new kits for all the participants of the tournament.
7. The overlay is also new.
8. The logos allowed to all the teams are HD.
9. There will be LED stumps & balls for all the matches.
10. The umpires are also new.
11. The stadium textures are HD and bring you a great experience.
12. There will be greenish outfields just like real ones.

How to Install This VIVO IPL 10 (2017) Patch?

To download and use this patch on your PC you need to follow some steps below.

1. Firstly, install a fresh copy of EA Cricket 2007. If you have one, then you don’t need to download it again.

2. After this download IPL-10-patch.EXE from the given link.

3. Extract all to your default cricket 2007 folder.

4. Now download AC256 HD bat pack. If you have already this, then you don’t need to download it again. If you don’t follow this step, you may get an error like aynce failed.

5. Now download new IPL 10 roster file and paste it in your cricket 2007 document file directory.

Patch Released!!!!!
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Note: We have been currently working on this patch. But if you want the whole patch, please wait till we release it. But you can download HQ logo pack from here. Download logo patch.
Download IPL 2017 Kits for free,
OK, you have done all the things now, you can enjoy HQ cricket gaming experience on your PC with new VIVO IPL 10 patch.

I'm Sachin Khanna, I love to read, travel & doing technical stuff. Currently, I live in Punjab, India. Follow me on Facebook & Youtube. YT: Follow on Youtube

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    Note: You can also play Don Bradman cricket 17 with this method.

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      6. Open your DBC17 Installation folder & select the “XinputTest.exe“. It must show the status it as Connected.
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      8. Open the “x360ce.exe” app from the folder and then minimize the window and then you can start playing your game.
      9. But if it’s showing as Not connected in the XInput Test then, You should follow the following step.
      10. Now, go to your C: WindowsSystem32 folder & you need to copy “dinput8.dll” from that folder. After that paste it in your game’s root directory, where you’ve installed x360. Replace the file with the copied file from that Windows folder.

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