Zuckerberg wants to merge WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his company is thinking about the merger of WhatsApp with Facebook Messager. The biggest question since Zuckerberg’s statement is that users who use WhatsApp are piling up on data security. Facebook told that it is working on end-to-end encryption to protect users data.

The end-to-end encryption means that no human can see those messages. User’s data is already protected under the end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp. But to take this feature on Facebook, users have to choose the option of secure messages. So far, Facebook has not provided any end-to-end encryption facility on Instagram.

Talking about the merger, Zuckerberg said, “These three apps will remain separate and the efforts are to bring end-to-end encryption on all platforms.” However, it has not been clear yet that all three apps How the end-to-end encryption will work after the merger. A New York Times report claims that this is a long process. After the change, If Facebook’s user messages to someone who is only on WhatsApp, then the message will remain in end-to-end encryption.

That’s why the threat to privacy

Due to rules regulating the messaging service, Facebook may have to face difficulties by merging it. However, an old Facebook security engineer believes that this step can prove to be good for the protection of people’s data.

But many tech experts believe Facebook can use this data for more advertising. There is also a problem in this merging that anyone on Messenger can connect with anyone without any ID or mobile number. This merger can also threaten the safety of people’s phone numbers.

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